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AT&T has been on the market for a long time. Due to services that Uverse offers, the competition has been fierce. Over the years AT&T Uverse has held the top spot. They are all famous for using certain marketing tactics to lure customers away from their current provider.

Uverse has everything a customer could ever ask for. AT&T offers everything from bundled services and VoIP to many different options for broadband plans. Uverse is so good that some customers aren’t even aware of all the integrated features and their uses. Thi is why I am here today.

I am going to be breaking down some of the services this provider offers. At the end of this content my hope is that you walk away with a deeper understanding. My hope is that you have a deeper understanding of where your investment is going.


There are 3 main parts to the services component:

1) Digital cable
2) VoIP
3) Broadband

Is AT&T more than just the sum of these 3 parts? Yes. It absolutely is. However, that doesn’t mean these parts shouldn’t be explored more deeply. Sometimes I feel this is what trips people up. Not knowing all of these different parts begins to confuse people after a while.


There are usually about 400 channels that can be captured in high-definition quality. Now because the system only operates at what is requested, there is no official lineup of specific channels. Some customers prefer the more basic lineup. Others prefer the high-quality channels and programming. Some want the expanded line-up. It all comes down to what each customer prefers.

Now you can get On-Demand. If you really want some of the harder-to-get channels, this is what AT&T Uverse suggests you do. Same goes if you need the premium channels. It’s best to speak to the provider about your needs. The staff can go over what is available in your region. Some channels may or may not be available.


This is a popular choice with most customers. Your DVR can record up to 4 shows at one time. There are other features though, features that some do not know about.

1)The DVR can record and show call features. This is for those that tie in their phone services with the packaging. You can also get messages and block calls.
2)You can play Yahoo games.
3)You can get weather and game reports.
4)This is one of the more cooler features. You can actually send out a “do not disturb” message on the DVR. If you do not want to be interrupted by anyone, including a boss or family member, you can send up the message. How cool is that!


This one comes in two plans. You have the limited and unlimited. Basically, you get everything with both plans you’d expect. You get the 3-caller party. You get caller ID. You get call waiting/blocking. There is one big difference between these two plans. It comes in the form of the calls you can make. The first plan you can make as many as you like, your service is not interrupted. Everything is cool. The second plan has limitations, mostly in the form of local and nations calling. The unlimited plan lets oyu call internationally without issues.

Now you can add more lines if you’d like. It will cost you though. It’s just a small monthly fee. You;d have to check with a representative to find out how much. Each plan varies depends on region and options.


This is the bread and butter for most people. This options comes in 6 forms. Be warned, the company does make the identification of these levels challenging. Here is a basic breakdown for you.

Express–1.5 Mbps
Pro–3 Mbps
Elite–6 Mbps
Max-12 Mbps
Max Plus–18 Mbps

Now you will need to ask Uverse about each package quality. Each one is going to vary. Some speeds will be faster than others. The streaming is shared with everything involved. The streaming carries through bandwidth to VoIP and digital video feeds. You will have to get more specific details when calling.


–Malware security
–Parental controls
–10 emails with unbelievable storage space. It’s important to note that the Uverse advertises “Unlimited.” This is something else you need to ask about. Unlimited doesn’t always mean what it says. Check first.
–There is also a guaranteed hot spot no matter what your connection situation is like.


Bundling is something many customers like to do. This again is tricky due to certain situations. You have to consider your area/region. Not all regions will get the same bundling options.

The most common bundling package is the Triple Play (just like Verizon FIOS). This one gives you t.v., internet and phone all-in-one. It’s a pretty good deal. Ask the representative you speak with to explain if this option is available to you or your family.

Another good thing to do is check a map. Below you will find a link to a really cool map. It’s a map that is used on the AT&T Uverse site. This map will help customers find out which region is theirs. It will also give out options for each area. This way you have a basic idea of what to expect beforehand.


Due to the competition that Uverse created with it’s initial plans, it’s consistently changing. It has to. Uverse is one of the top providers, so it constantly needs to change things up. Not everything is going to stay the same after 3-4 months. Call them up. Find out for yourself what options and packages are available right now. Ask what special features are included at no extra charge. You also might want to ask how much the price will change after the initial period. I say this based on experience.

Good luck in your search for the best AT&T Uverse package that is right for you. I know you’ll make a good choice.

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