ATT Uverse vs Comcast – Which is better? Updated for 2017


This has been an on-going debate for years now. Which one is the better one to use. Some say AT&T U-verse. Some say it’s Comcast Xfinity. We also have Verizon FIOS promos, but we’ll save that for another post. This debate happens a lot in areas that offer both.

The funny thing is, you will never hear from someone that both are highly recommended, it just depends on your needs. You will always get one pitted against the other. Well I am here today to put an end to this debate.

I am here to say what neither side is willing to say. I am here to speak about both rationally and logically. Then, it’s up to you guys to make the choice for yourselves.


These are the people who are more concerned with price than anything else. These are the people I like to call the “price shoppers.” The name is not so cute, but it makes my point.

When it comes to the introduction period, U-verse is going to offer the better bundle packages and deals. This is going to sound really good to many of you right away. Be careful. U-verse is only going to do this in the beginning. Once you are on board with them, they will jack up the prices to meet what Comcast is offering.

Your best bet is to go over all the pricing beforehand with the company rep. Ask him or her how the prices changes after a certain period of time. FYI: Companies will rarely offer up this information to the clients. You have to be the one to ask. Will they be honest? It all depends on who you speak with. Your best bet is to speak to a manager about the pricing stuff.


There isn’t really that much difference. I guess it all comes down to what you like to watch. If you are like me and like the Hallmark Channel, you will be better off going with Comcast. U-verse does not offer it at all.

If you want more variety, U-verse does offer more HD value and options with On-Demand. The only thing is you will have to give up other channels, so you can get the exclusive ones. This is all a matter of preference, so look into what you prefer.

Your best bet is to go on both the Comcast and U-verse sites. Type in your zip code. The system will bounce back all the channels being offered on both Comcast and AT&T. This will help make it easier for you.


Internet usage is the other big thing to consider. Many of us live online. Some only spend a few hours each day surfing the web or binge watching Netflix/Youtube, then they are done. Others tend to spend 90% of their day doing exactly the same thing. It all comes down to your likes and dislikes. It all comes down to your lifestyle choices.

This is why bandwidth and data caps need to be considered. Right now both companies are promoting the unenforced thing. This could change. Speak to company rep to find out what their policies are on the data caps and bandwidth.

This will help to make your decision easier. You also should find out the pricing involved with these two things, and if the pricing will go up at a certain point. As I have explained before, companies will not tell you this. You have to be the one to bring it up.

Comcast and U-verse are good with internet usage, but it’s good to get the whole story from them. Do this before you sign on.


Look up your area and map online. Look at the availability each one brings. Just because Comcast offers a good deal on the surface, does not mean you won’t find something better with U-verse.

Both companies have their pros and cons. It’s up to you to decide which one will fit your needs the best. Make a checklist. Go over everything. Ask questions. Some of the maps will show where your coverage begins and ends. Due to wiring issues, you might need to give the company a heads up.


No matter which company you go with, you will pay an extra 10 bucks for installing HD TV service. If you watch mostly on-demand movies, U-verse is going to be the better choice at a very low price. U-verse will also be better when it comes to other pricing requirements and quality customer service.

Don’t just go by what I have said. Take it upon yourself to do the research. Look at your needs. Based on this, I am sure you will make the right choice.

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