Verizon DSL Review


Today we are speaking about Verizon’s DSL internet service. Now this service might be a bit more traditional than the fiber-optic one. It might also be a bit slower than all the other options Verizon has to offer, but it might just be worth it.

Let’s take a closer look at what you will get.


The starter plan is something everyone needs to know about. First off, everyone gets a free modem with their setup. However, the modem is available only by online purchase. It is available to you for less than $20 a month. How cool is that!

It’s being labelled as the sub-fios alternative. This means it will be slower in speed and performance, but not by much. In fact, most customers seem very happy with it so far. Unless work or home requires the performance to be like a rocket ship, I doubt any of you will notice the difference. The upload time is about 384Bkps. The download speeds come in at less than 2.0 Kbps. This information is for all the tech geeks reading this out there.

The Power Plan and Turbo Plan offer considerably higher uploading speeds. Both come in at around 768 Kbps. The only difference between these two are with the downloading speeds.

The Turbo Plan has downloads speeds at 7.0 and the Power Plan has it at 3 Kbps. This again is for all the tech geeks out there. Now this might not seem as good as what some of the others are offering right now. Compared to what used to be offer though, this will be a gold mine for most of you.


The Power Plan and the Turbo offer wifi connections anywhere at no additional charge.This means you get an extensive list of connections from anywhere. You will have to inquire about the starter package. This option might vary.

You get with each package extensive email listings. You get incredible web support 24/7. You have two options with security. You can invest in the security suite for a low monthly charge. You can also invest in high-quality firewall and malware.

It’s up to you which way you go. It’s recommended though that you do the one-time fee for the malware and firewall. This will take away having to do monthly payments.

When it comes to the specifics of every plan and option, you will have lots to choose from. Every level is based on the wants and needs. Just pick out which level of want and need is your own.


There are two options with this one too. You can do it all yourself. It will certainly save time and money. It will save hassle waiting for the tech guy to come out and do it all. If you are skilled enough to follow the instructions and do it all yourself, I say go for it.

The other option is for you to have one of the techies come out and do it. There are some benefits to doing this. One of which is having it installed correctly the first time around. The other one is the potential for coupons.

Look over the different sites online. There are usually some coupons floating around to help out with installation. You can also give the company a call and ask. Sometimes the discounts are not so readily advertised.


When it comes to Verizon DSL packages and promotions and options there is something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if the plan is the starter or the turbo, there will be a perfect fit for you. Call Verizon up and check out the availability for region and specific plans and packages. Remember, not all areas will have the same options. This is why you have to ask.

You can check out the specific sites down below. You can also find the numbers for the company there too. May the DSL force be with you!

An Ultimate Shopping Guide for Broadband Users

Broadband Buying Guide
We are all connected in one way or another. How so? Most of us give very little thought to how our broadband works until it goes down. Once it stops working or we need to find something new, this is when we begin to devote our full attention to it.

Funny how that works…..

Well in this article I am here to bring your full attention back to broadband. It doesn’t matter if you are shopping around for it or not, you still need to be conscious of it.


This is probably one of the most consequential elements that shoppers look at when buying into broadband. Each provider works differently. Every type of speed option works differently.

Look at dial-up. This was a favorite for so long. Now with all the other connection options dial-up is not looked upon so favorably anymore. One reason why is the speed. It takes so long to get connected. Once you do get connected the speed moves slow too. You also run the risk of being disconnected just as easily as you were connected.

The DSL is good runner-up. Only drawback is the speed. It moves a bit faster than dial-up, but not by much. Than there is the cable line. This one is good to use. It’s better than the first two options. The next one in line is the fiber-in-home.

The fiber-in-home, such as Verizon FIOS probably moves faster than all combined. Only downside is that it takes a long time to install.

No matter what you choose pay attention to two important factors. You have to pay attention to the download and uploading factors. Depending on how important these are to you, it will influence your choice greatly.


This is another thing to consider. How you use the internet will greatly influence the speed you choose.

1)What type of activities will you be doing online? If you are just going to be checking emails and doing some light browsing, you really do not need much. This means the faster speeds might not be something you need.

Now if you are going to be spending most of your time online, like streaming movies and such, the low plans might not be good for you. You will probably need something faster and more secure. Think about it.

2)How many devices will you be needing? If you are going to be using more than one device in the home, a faster and stronger connection will be needed. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, you will need something more secure and fast.


Studies are showing that more households are connecting online. There are more people streaming HD movies. There are more people playing games. There are more people working from home on their computer.

This all needs to be taken into consideration.

Here is a breakdown of the plans:

BASIC--5-10 Mbps
medium--10-50 Mbps
Advanced–50 Mbps or more.

If you only have one or two computers in the house, you only need the basic to medium plan. If you have two or more, you will need to up the speeds and connections. This means going to 50 Mbps or better.

Take a look at what your household currently uses. Think about what type of connections are needed. This will help you with your decision.


So many look at the whole download element. They allow this factor to make their choice for them. You need to think beyond all of this. There is so much more to it than this.

UPLOADING-–This is where you send any piece of data from your computer to the internet. Now if you are someone who likes to upload videos, movies and files, you will need something that you can count on.

THE LATENCY-–This is the time it takes to send the information to someone or some place. Do you ever wonder why some videos look “choppy?” It’s because the time it takes is less than standard. In fact, the time is below standard. Now if you can deal with this, then go for it. If this will be an issue for you and others you share information with, you will need to go with something higher.

THE LIMITS—This is a factor that not many take into consideration. You have to take a look at the limits for your plan. Once you go over the monthly limits, your speeds will be reduced. How much? It all depends on your provider. If this is something that will not work for you, you will have to pay for a higher service package.


The first thing you need to do is find a few providers in your area. Take a look at what each one is offering you. Look at each package carefully. Make sure you won’t be charged for extras you will not be using.

Ask them about their data limits. Ask them about special discounts. Remember, your provider is not going to give out this information freely. Talk to the customer service center for each provider. Find out about contract details. Ask what is included initially and what(if anything)will be changed.

Go online and read some of the reviews. You will find both positive and negative reviews. It’s a good idea to look into both sides. Sometimes the negative reviews can tell you more than the positive reviews.

Discuss installation fees, times and dates. Discuss what will be included and what will be added on at the end. Ask to see the contract before signing. Look over it carefully. Ask your provider as many questions as possible.

Now that you have a basic place to start, I feel confident that you will make the best possible choice. Make a list of your needs. Ask your provider how he intends to fill those needs. Based on this you should make a really good choice. Good luck!



The word itself is an acronym. It stands for Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification. This is more or less the technology behind the broadband services we all enjoy today like Verizon FIOS, AT&T U-Verse, and Comcast.

Now when you bring this technology up, you will get some varying opinions, mostly by techies and computer geeks. Some will get very excited when the topic comes up. Some will get very heated about the subject. Either way, DOCSIS is definitely a subject that brings much debate.


There is the physical layer and the Media Access Control layer. Let’s discuss the physical layer first. The physical layer is going to be the easiest for people to understand. It refers to what someone can see and/or touch. This layer will also transmit and translate the frequency at which data is sent over the wires.

The faster the speed is, the better the performance will be. This sort of goes without saying. Now the only draw back are the limitations. It all depends on what type of service is in your respective area. Some modems might not be able to reach certain places.

The other layer that we will talk about is the MAC. The MAC is the Media Access Control layer. To better understand the MAC layer, we must think of it like a traffic cop. This layer is designed to guide and direct traffic from any direction.


Understanding the MAC is not that easy to do. Not all MACs are going to be working the same way. Let’s talk about this in a different way.

Imagine you have a car. This car is known as the Data within the DOCSIS. The network is made up of many streets and intersections. There is lots of chaos on the streets. The only thing that can bring this turmoil to a head is the MAC. This is not an easy thing to do. The traffic cop is not operating at 100% all the time. There are going to be lapses in time and space.

Do you see the point now?

Every device has it’s own IP address. The MAC has to make do with the best it’s got. Not all devices are going to be running at the same speeds. Some information will get there quicker than others. Some data might be seen as misinformation.

When it comes to the two layers, the MAC is probably the most crucial and the most difficult to navigate through. The physical stuff is easy. Dissecting a map and handing it over to a traffic cop is the hard part.


It’s important to note that the original standard operated from one channel. It was a much simpler time then. Over time there was an increased competition. The 1.0 could not keep up with everything.

What is difference between the 1.1 and 1.0? There is not much of a difference really. There only difference lies in the numbers. Think of it as a numbers game. It deals with how many people that can be serviced and their different ranges of service. This is the only major difference.

Next came the 2.0 standard. As word got around and more broadband customers came on board, the standards had to be raised. Now it’s up at a 3.0. The main difference with the 3.0 is that it services more customers and the speeds are better managed.

The 3.0 is not like the 1.0. The 3.0 has a better managed system. The traffic cop has become better at his job, leaving little room for error. As things improve more and more, the options will get better.


Given this new information is more easily understood, it’s best to speak with your provider before signing with a provider. Make sure you get your money’s worth. Before you sign up, understand what you are signing up for. For more information on the DOCSIS and the specific standards, visit our main page right here.

Verizon FIOS vs ATT U-verse


When it comes to internet and t.v. usage, both Verizon FIOS AND ATT U-Verse are considered by many to be next generation. They are both considered by many to be two of the best providers on the market.

Many of you might note many similarities between the two and wonder what the big deal is. Well, there is a big deal. Both are using different tactics to get clients to switch from cable to satellite. The big deal lies in which provider is going to bring them and their family the best package.

This is why we are here today. We are here to explore the different tactics both use. After we explore these tactics, it’s up to you to pick the best package and provider for you and your needs.


Verizon uses FTTP connections, it’s all laid down by fiber-optics. This takes time and money. The more you lay down, the more you pay out. It also wastes lots of unneeded time and energy.

ATT U-Verse uses copper instead. This means less time to set up. It also means less money that you have to pay out to the company.

When it comes to upgrading from FTTN to FTTP, the upgrade is made much easier. The money that is not used gets reinvested. You can then use this for any future upgrades you might have. Verizon will not offer customers this.


Verizon is one of the more expensive providers you will find. They have built their reputation on reliability, technology and the needs of the consumer. Do not expect them to offer some sort of deal for you. They do not deal in discounts. They do not deal in incentives. Verizon figures that if you want what they have to offer, you will pay for it. They have really built their brand up. They come from the mindset of “you get what you pay for with us.”

ATT U-Verse works a bit differently. U-Verse understands the changes in trends. They understand that most everyone works on a budget these days. U-Verse gets that some can;t afford the higher-end deals. They work with their clients. In fact, many times they will offer their clients special deals if they sign on.


FTTP connections take time, as we mentioned above. This makes for lots of slow and/or down time. This means you can expect the availability to not always be what you want it to be.

On the other hand, this only serves to help out U-Verse. We are not saying that you won’t have slow times with U-Verse, but the slow times will not be as bad. In fact, U-Verse has gained a small reputation for really helping customers out in this area.


This is the bread and butter of any business. It’s not different for FIOS or U-Verse.
In this category alone, both have exceeded expectations with the public. Verizon might have a few downsides, but they more then make up for it with customer service.

When these two giants came on the market, the bar was raised in a very big way. The other providers didn’t really have anything to worry about until this happened. In fact, all the increases in competition from other providers came courtesy of these two companies. This is a big win for these two.


As you can see both sides have their good points and bad points. If you are interested in just the pricing alone, U-Verse might be your more tangible resource. They might not include all the channels that you enjoy, but the prices will more than make up for it. You have to make the choice that is best for you on this one. More channels or a lower price. You might get luck with both, but only if you ask.

There are lots of areas where U-Verse wins out. If you really want to get the bigger picture, call up Verizon. The above sections only give a small view of what each can offer. Call each one up and talk to someone. Find out specifically what both Verizon and U-verse can offer you.

Only based on these phone calls and solid, detailed information can you make a solid conclusion on which one is the better choice. Use some of the links down below to help guide you. Good luck in your choice. We know you are going to make the best one for you and your family.

How to find the best Verizon FIOS deals

Verizon-FiOS-Header-Image-copyVerizon wireless has been one of the best cell phone providers for the last several decades, but they have taken things to the next level and stepped things up with their great Verizon FIOS, which currently serves more than five million people around the United States. If you do not know what Verizon FIOS is, it is a bundle package of internet, television and telephone service, which provides customers with top notch service in all three categories at a great price.

* If you want to get service through Verizon, or simply want to get some more information regarding the various packages that they provide, it is strongly advisable that you call and speak to a customer representative, as they will be best able to inform you of the options that you have in your given area.

* However, keep in mind that there are tons of discounts and coupons that you can find online. One of the biggest things that companies such as Verizon and other bundle package providers do is put out coupons and discounts that people can take advantage of if they happen to come across them.

* There are tons of FIOS discounts that can be found on the internet by doing a simple search, which could end up saving you a ton of money in the long run. Keep in mind, when you get one of these coupons, you need to read the fine print and make absolutely certain that you understand the terms and conditions, simply to make sure that there are no drastic increases in prices later down the line.

* Some companies attempt to charge greater rates down the road, hoping that those people that are signing up for service do not realize, and while Verizon is not a company that typically engages in this type of activity, it is good to know what you are signing and be well aware of this type of thing.

* If you want to find a Verizon FIOS discount, you can head to Google or another search engine and do a simple search, which will absolutely turn up some discounts that will get you money off signing up for a package deal. Another thing to consider if you already are using Verizon for your cellular service, is adding on television and internet to make it a package deal.

* There are great discounts that come with adding these services on and bundling a package up, so it may be a great way to go for you and your family. Once you have found a code that you want to use online, you can call Verizon and tell them that you are interested in signing up for service and let them know that you have a discount. They will be able to type in the discount code and make sure that it is valid.

* If you are looking to sign up for a bundle package, there are few companies out there that can compete with the amazing package that Verizon is offering through their bundle deal of television service, internet, and phone service. It is advisable that you do some research into the various things that Verizon offers through this bundle package and compare what you find to the current amount that you are paying for your current service. Additionally, if you do decide that you want to make the switch, do not forget to utilize the internet to find a discount.

New Apple Apps Option “Pay Once and Play” – Better for the kids

Pay Once and PlayApple IOS 8 is offering a new option called “Pay Once and Play”, which offers gamers a chance to only pay once and not have to face a barrage of in-app purchase requests. This might be a wise option for the smart Move Your Money consumer.

From Forbes:

Take the iOS version of Bastion, for example, a $5 game with gorgeously rendered visuals which already makes it unusual in the space. As you play, you unlock new weapons and abilities, taking on tougher and tougher enemies over time. But the twist? You have to earn the better gear and increased stats through proficiency with the game’s combat systems. The “Pay Once and Play” Bastion includes no in-game store where players can buy items or boosts with real world cash. When players die, they simply respawn at the beginning of the area and are encouraged to try again. Weirdly, there’s no half hour wait timer they can pay to skip to keep playing, nor does the game ask them to share their interest in the game on social media in exchange for extra lives.

From Engadget:

Thankfully, a new “Pay Once and Play” section has appeared in iTunes that lets you discover/buy games you can be sure won’t hold you hostage with such in-app purchases. Kids racking up a huge bill on their parents’ credit cards is a storied theme (something that has already caused Apple and others headaches), a problem that this new section should go some way to alleviate. As the name suggests, none of these games are actually free — but at least you know the costs upfront. It appears Apple might be making other changes to the games section of iTunes, too.

How To Find Designer Clothes For Less

BDesigner Clothes for lesseing a keen shopper these days is a commitment that requires more than clipping coupons. You have to know when, where, and how to find the best deals. Finding a good deal on clothes can especially feel like trying to find a needle in a hay stack for some people, so they often give up and pay full price. If it feels like your wallet is deflating every time you leave a clothing store, it might be time for a change. Here are some ways to find designer clothes for less.

Shop At Goodwill Stores
Goodwill stores and thrift shops are excellent sources for finding high-end clothing at low-end prices. You won’t find any designer shirts, jeans, or shoes that cost more than ten dollars. In addition, goodwill stores have storewide half-off sales the first Saturday of every month. The store also color codes their clothes and will occasionally designate a certain color to be half-off for the day. Thrift stores are also a good place to find great deals on designer suits and boots.Pay Attention To Black Friday Deals
The Day After Thanksgiving Sale is a wonderful time to find designer clothes for less if you can contend with packed parking lots and long lines. Often, the most celebrated names in fashion will sell everything in their store for 50% off on this day. To make it more interesting, stores are usually open until midnight, giving you ample time to find good deals on your favorite brands.Take Note Of Clearance And Going Out Of Business Sales
When a business closes down, they will offer liquidation sales in which merchandise is sold at a huge discounted rate. You can expect to find designer jeans, blouses, jackets, shoes, and other apparel for as much as 75% off at a clothing store that is going out of business. Along the same lines, stores put products they can’t sell in a clearance bin. You can expect to find your favorite brands in clearance for as much as 90% off!

Second-Hand Sales Can Help You Get First Rate Deals
Keep your eye out for yard sales in your neighborhood. You can find designer clothes at yard sales for as cheap as a dollar. Furthermore, you’ll save on the gas money it takes to travel to downtown retail stores. Along the same lines, you’ll also find great deals on Craigslist, a website that acts as an internet yard sale. The site is broken down into different categories of goods to be sold. Lastly, church pantries that give out free food are known to have outside sales the third Saturday of every month to help pay the rent. You might be able to find designer clothes for as low as a quarter at these events.

There are countless other ways to save money on designer clothes and, often, it’s a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Using these tips will help you expand your wardrobe along with your wallet. Keep these tips in safe keeping so that the next time you feel an urge to walk in a designer retail store and pay full price, they will remind you that there will always a better deal some other time or somewhere else.

Five Cheap Diet Plans

cheap-diet-planWith all of the diet plans that are on the market today, it can be difficult to determine the best one for you. If you are on a budget, this choice becomes even more difficult. You may not be able to afford the expensive celebrity diet that is being touted on the Dr. Oz show!

Fortunately, there are some viable, cheap diet plans that you can implement today without breaking your budget. Here are five of the best.

– The Culinary Diet

Believe it or not, staying away from convenience foods immediately lowers your food budget. If you take it upon yourself to cook natural foods instead of dealing with processed foods, you will immediately improve your diet as well.

There is a very easy way to get foods for the culinary diet – stay along the circumference of your favorite grocery store when you shop. Most of them usually place raw fruits and vegetables and other natural foods along the outside while leaving the processed foods for the middle aisles.

– The Day of Cleanse Diet

Many people go about cleaning out their body by focusing one day of the week on raw fruit or vegetable shakes with no meat, cheese or milk. This is a relatively simple and cheap plan because you can use any leftover fruits and vegetables from your refrigerator.

One day of the week, eat nothing except the raw vegetable and fruit shakes (75% vegetable, 25% fruit) that you blend. You can also utilize other natural foods for additional nutrition such as garlic and ginger root.

You should also drink at least 16 glasses of water on the day of cleanse interspersed evenly throughout the day.

– The Gluten Free Diet

Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat, barley and rye. Because of the underhanded processing methods of food distributors, however, much of the gluten in today’s wheat, barley and rye crops has been adversely affected. It is now sometimes better for a person to completely avoid gluten rather than to find “healthy” bread.

Searching out gluten-free foods is also an easy way to search out foods that are less expensive and more healthy. Almost all processed foods contain gluten, which will keep you away from them. Corn, rice and sorghum are some of the grains that do not contain gluten at all. You can round out your diet with certain meats, fruit and nuts while avoiding a great deal of the unhealthy foods that contain processed gluten.

– The Spice Diet

The splice diet puts to rest the notion that good food has to taste bad. As a matter of fact, learning your spice rack can give you additional nutrients. The secret is to only deal with natural spices!

Splices can provide immunity boosts of many kinds depending on the type of nutritional boost that you need – anything from lowering blood sugar all the way to preventing heart disease. Some of the best prices for your health are also quite common such as cinnamon, garlic, ginger root and oregano.

– Sticks and Stones

If you have organic fruits and vegetables in your fridge, you are throwing away some of the best parts of those foods! For instance, grape sticks have been found to contain many nutrients that are not actually in grapes. There are also certain types of sticks that are imported from Japan that contain nutrients to lower blood pressure. They may not be very filling, but they will add nutritional value to your diet.

5 Careers to Make a LOT of Money in the Next Decade

High Paying CareersNot all careers are created equal. Some lead to riches, while others will just allow you to tread water. Be smart and choose a field that will lead to major financial gain within a decade.

What career path allowed celebrities such as Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Sam Walton to make their billions? They were entrepreneurs. You have to be very self-directed and be willing to wear many hats. The risks are there and you’ll need to work hard, but if you’re successful you have a shot at making millions in a decade (billions if you’re as talented as Mark Zuckerberg).
* Getting started with the right market and business plan can be tough. Look at getting a mentor. You can try Check your local Small Business Administration (SBA) office.
* Acquiring start up capital can be difficult. Banks might be unwilling to lend to an unproven business. To combat this, work on your personal finance skills. In the end, it might just be you and some friends and family that bankroll your new venture.
* Sometimes its best to have your own business as the ultimate goal. Entrepreneurs can gain a lot by working in some else’s company. While not as glamorous, you build capital, contacts and domain knowledge.

Code the future by being a programmer. What makes this career unique is that it does not require a college degree. There are many three month coding “bootcamps” that give you all the skills you need in order to get a job. Top programmers can make six figures annually.
* For a chance at making millions, work for a startup. Salary might be a little lower than market rate but you’ll get a huge chunk of stock options. If the startup gets bought out or goes public, your share of the company will skyrocket in value.
*One misconception is that you need to be a genius at math. While there is often overlap, being good at math is not necessary a prerequisite of being an excellent programmer.
* Hate having a boss? Programming also allows numerous opportunities to freelance. You can join sites like and to find clients. Getting the first few client can be hard, but once you have good feedback you will find it easier to attract customers.

The actuarial career involves a lot of math tests, usually relating to probability. Passing each test is linked with a large raise. Once the actuary pasts all the tests, he or she will have a six figure salary.
*This profession requires excellent math skills. If you struggled with this subject in school, this isn’t the job for you.
*Entry level positions are usually competitive and getting that first job can be hard. Once you get a foot in the door though you’ll have a lucrative career.

If you have a talent with people, sales might be your calling. A large portion of your compensation will come in the form of bonuses. They can be very large if you are very talented.
* Sales can be high pressure. At many sales positions you will be expected to meet your quota every month or every quarter. Salesmen who repeatedly miss their numbers will be let go.
* Remember, you are building a skill set that lasts an entire career. Unlike other jobs where the necessary skills and knowledge changes every year and from job to job, genuine sales ability is rare and highly valued. Develop your skill by reading books and attending seminars.

Investment Banking
Investment banking is the ultimate finance career. If you’ve ever enjoyed movies about Wall Street, this might be the profession for you. Although the hours can be strenuous, the field is famous for its huge annual bonuses.
* The field is very difficult to get into. Going to a prestigious university gives you an enormous leg up. Getting an MBA from a very good school is another way at getting in.
* Investment banking can lead to related fields where the money is also very good but the hours less harsh: hedge funds, private banking and private equity.
* The most prestigious investment banking companies are referred to as the “bulge bracket”. This includes firms like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Smaller companies are known as “boutiques”.
* Be prepared for a wild, fraternity-like work environment. If you’re curious, read about it in books like Liar’s Poker.

5 Reasons to Move Your Money To A Local Credit Union

5 Reasons to move to a local credit unionAre you looking to switch banks, but are unsure of what bank to go with? Switching banks can be a very daunting task, with each different bank having its pros and cons. There is another factor to think about before switching banks, beyond just what major name to go with. That factor is deciding whether to stay with a traditional bank, or to make the move to a credit union.

Increase in InterestNormally, when you hear “Higher Interest”, the first thing that pops into mind is “More money spent on payments.” However, this is not the case here. Here, we are referring to the interest gained on savings accounts, money market accounts, and any other type of investment where you, the customer of the Credit Union, invest your money into the bank with the promised of a larger return later.Credit Unions offer a higher interest return, on any investment made through them when compared to traditional banks. This is because Credit Unions are not corporate owned, like these big name traditional banks are. Credit Unions are actually much smaller organizations, and because of this, are much more customer oriented, and can therefore offer higher interest returns on any type of savings account.

Member Oriented

Credit Unions are small companies, especially when compared to the giant corporate owned bank down the road. Now as a consumer, this can work very much in your favor. Since smaller companies have to compete with bigger, more known companies, the smaller ones tend to focus much more on customer satisfaction.

Due to their size, these banks are able to focus more on their customers and individuals with needs. Credit Unions have been known to bend the rules or make exceptions for long time members who have a good reputation with the bank, but have run into a hiccup in the process of trying to get a loan or credit card.

Lowering Losses

Big Bank America, being a corporate owned bank, is only interested in making money, and this is reflected in their list of fees they charge. Most traditional banks have a very high fee for over-drafting, and on top of the initial fee they continue to charge you for everyday your account is overdrawn. Some even charge fees just to have an account with them.

Now of course Credit Unions have their fees too, they are a business after all, but these smaller companies come with smaller fees. Generally, these fees are just a fraction of what the big bank is charging.

Another major fee when using a bank is the one incurred when using am ATM from another bank. Most big banks will take their fees and keep them. There are a few credit unions that will refund these fees as long as the ATM receipt is kept and shown to your teller.

Lower Loan Interest

Once again, because Credit Unions are small, and customer orientated, they will tend to offers loans and credit cards with a much lower interest rate than other places offering the same thing.

Many people prefer to go to a Credit Union for their car loans especially. This is because Credit Unions generally have a much, much lower interest rate, on a loan of the same amount, than a large bank or a dealership can offer.

Friendly, Familiar, Faces

Banking is a very personal issue and a sensitive matter. No one likes handing their money over to a stranger that doesn’t even know their name. This happens a lot when dealing with corporate banks. These banks are so large, with so many employees, there is no way to build a personal relationship with your bank teller, as they are always changing.

Credit Unions tend not to have these issues. Being smaller, they have fewer employees, and can therefore treat their employees better. This, in turn, causes the employees to treat their customers better, and provide better customer service.

It looks as though bigger isn’t always better when it comes to banks. It seems the smaller size of Credit Unions causes them to treat their customers better. Overall, when compared to any corporate bank, Credit Unions seem to offer a much more customer orientated banking experience. If you are looking to switch banks, be sure to check out your local Credit Union first!