Why Cloud Backup Is Better Than Local

cloud-backup (1)Relying on local backup options is no longer the best way to keep your work safe. Cloud storage like Carbonite offers a comprehensive solution to the problems local backup presents.

The cloud’s advantages over local backup:
• Cost-effective when compared to other backup options
• Recovery of damaged /accidentally deleted files
• Storage across multiple devices
• Sharing documents is much easier
• Ease of use across multiple devices and users
• Increased privacy and securityCost-Effectiveness
Using a cloud-based backup service is far cheaper than physically backing up your valuable files. Even when considering cloud storage options that charge, these are typically far cheaper than physical storage options and they include all the other benefits of cloud storage. A typical 1tb external hard drive will cost over sixty dollars. Most services will offer that same storage for about 10$/month. No more paying for storage space you do not need.Recovery of Lost Files
There is nothing worse than losing work because of a computer crash, power outage, or accidental deletion of a file. Cloud based storage eliminates this problem. Saving to the cloud allows you open the last saved version on any device. Those who have trouble remembering to save files while working on them can automate the saving process, backing up your files without saving them manually every five minutes.

Sharing and Syncing
One of the biggest advantages of cloud storage is the ability to sync your work across multiple platforms, with multiple users. You can begin writing on your work computer, continue working on the same file on your smartphone on the train ride home, and finish your work on your laptop at home. This allows you to edit files and share photos, videos, and documents across numerous platforms. When working on files that multiple people will need to access and make edits to, cloud storage is far better than local. Previously, to have a large group of people collaborating on a single file would require multiple emails and it would be very difficult to track which edits were final. With cloud storage, everyone who has access to the file can see the most recent edition of the file. This removes the need for sending multiple copies of files. Cloud storage vastly simplifies collaboration.

Local storage can be secure, but it is vulnerable to someone removing the physical storage option you are using. With cloud storage, the files are kept in a separate location from the original and are password protected. Data stored in the cloud is encrypted. This makes cloud storage the superior option for safely storing your files.

Carbonite Offer Code and Review


carbonite-offer-codes-and-couponsCarbonite Offer Codes and Coupons

Carbonite is a data protection and file storage service. It works by keeping your secure data in the cloud. It will automatically synchronize the files you choose with the cloud whenever you are connected to the Internet. The service is a subscription- you pay annually per computer that you want protected if you are a personal user. There are three tiers of service depending on whether you want to add external hard drives, video files, and have the option of having a backup mailed to you at any time.

If you have an offer code or a promo code for Carbonite.com, then you can save on an annual subscription. You can save more when you sign up for subscriptions of longer durations- the basic subscription is one year long, but if you sign up for more than one year at a time you will get a discount on your total charge.
During the years you are covered, you can enjoy total protection from any disaster that might happen to your computer. Carbonite’s cloud backup system is one of the best in the business. It is easy to use Carbonite’s interface to decide what you want to back up, and there are absolutely no limits on the amount of data you can store. It does not matter which tier of service you have- you can store any amount of data on Carbonite’s cloud.

The major advantages of using Carbonite are the plethora of features that you get at each level of service. The baseline subscription can already accommodate backing up ever file on your internal hard drive. Moving up allows you to add external hard drives and a physical copy of your backup to your set of features. The cloud storage means that if anything happens to your computer at all, the files will be safe on the cloud. The Carbonite cloud is not concentrated onto one physical machine, either, so there is no risk that you can lose files from the cloud.

Finding an offer code for Carbonite is a great deal. It can shave a lot off the price of the service, because they usually take the form of a percentage off the final total. So if you are at all interested in a cloud backup system, then search around for some codes to save yourself some money.


Carbonite Review

Carbonite is a cloud service that allows you to documents and media files to back up those on your personal computer. These files are stored on secure servers that only customers and authorized service technicians can access. But how do services actually match up to customer experience?
– SecurityWhen using any cloud storage service, customers worry primarily about the security of what they are stored on corporate servers alongside the data of potentially millions of other customers. Carbonite is aware of these concerns and have taken steps to secure their customers from potential disaster.In order to deal with hackers, Carbonite encrypts files while in transfer and once stored on their servers. The use of encryption, which is designed to be decrypted only by the client in question, is present should hackers find themselves capable enough in penetrating the redundant firewalls protecting their servers. This makes access from third-parties nearly impossible, if not downright too laborious.Carbonite’s servers are also safeguarded from several natural disasters as well. Their servers are temperature-controlled, given power through backup systems, and monitored with security 24 hours a day. And in the event servers are made inoperable through damage, data is stored redundantly in remote servers that customers can accesses.If for any reason a customer wants their data removed from servers, whether it be due to a lack of confidence in Carbonite or a loss of their property which can make their cloud account vulnerable, they always have the option to remotely wipe everything they’ve stored to those servers.

–  Remote Access

Currently Carbonite supports both iOS and Android mobile devices. As with a PC, their apps allow customers to upload their data from a smartphone or tablet to servers or to personal computers linked to their account. There is a secondary app–Carbonite Sync and Share–that allows customers to connect with friends and family by sharing and syncing files on several platforms at once. This allows others to access and manipulate files and send them back to you. It’s ideal for businesses where collaborative efforts are central to completing projects while making proximity a non-issue.

– Customer Support and Care:

It is clear that Carbonite has set itself up as the cloud service aimed at pleasing customers above all things. They provide numerous resources for customers to check in on their data at all times of the day. They can contact support via telephone, or speak with a represent via a Carbonite chat or through email. And while this comprehensive service could’ve easily be offered as a separate package, this support is offered gratis to customers. And for those getting started with the service, there are comprehensive resource sections available for those looking to better understand how to use the service without incident.

– Conclusion:

Of all the cloud service available, of which there are many, Carbonite is one of the few centered around customer service and care. The unlimited amount of storage they offer along with redundancies in protection and back-up make place it in a league of its own. With the option for businesses to use it as a collective data dump for employees who must collaborate with one another, it becomes a service ideal for personal and corporate use. Where it lacks is a support for Windows mobile devices.

Carbonite.com vs the Competition

Comparing Carbonite to the competition is something that everyone tries to do when they need a backup service. However, these comparisons are too simple to address all the issues. Carbonite is the finest backup service out there for a reason. They offer four things that no one else can truly give you.

  • Speed
  • Coverage
  • Affordability
  • Reliability

– The Speed

The speed of the system is something that you cannot match. You will have all your documents, pictures and data saved to the system as soon as they are autosaved by your system. You will discover that a document you just lost is already in the Carbonite system, and the Carbonite system can update your computer to the exact second that it crashed. You will not have to start over just because of a crash, and you will be able to keep working.

– The Coverage

The Carbonite system reaches to every part of your computer. You do not have to worry about certain folders not being saved. The system is going to make sure that it has all the pictures and documents from your computer, and you will even be able to manage those documents in the Carbonite system. You get complete coverage that other systems simply do not offer.

– Affordability

When you sign up for the Carbonite system, you have the chance to get a coupon or discount. The service itself is not that expensive, but you can reduce the price easily. Other systems are very expensive, but Carbonite allows you to get this service for just pennies on the dollar. You can back up your computers at home, or you can back up every computer at the office for a small amount of money.

– Reliability

The Carbonite system is the most reliable in the world. You will be able to refresh or restore your computer no matter what you do, and you can do this from any location in the world. You do not have to worry about the system being down when you need to restore your system, and you must remember that the Carbonite system is open to you at all times. Your backups are done in a way that you do not have to do anything. You simply hit a button in the Carbonite window, and you will have your computer restored immediately.

When you are trying to keep up with all the files in your computers, you must remember that you can only use one system to get the best results. Your use of Carbonite trumps all other systems because Carbonite gives you the speed, coverage, reliability and affordability that you cannot get anywhere else online.