Cheap High Speed Internet – How to Find It


Exploring your options with your internet provider used to be something for geeks. These days it’s become a matter of necessity. Almost everyone is seeking out some sort of service with an internet provider.

Well before you sign on the dotted line for you next contract, you might want to keep a fey key points in mind.


This used to be a an old joke around the dinner table. These days it’s really not considered a joke. Get everything in writing before you do anything. Here’s why:

1)Internet providers are in the business of selling. The company is not there to be your new best friend. You have your real best friend for that. Your provider cam clam anything. Once the first bill comes, all bets are off. If the company is promising you something get it in writing. This goes for anything they promise.

2)The provider can and will claim ignorance on any issue. They are in the business of putting the responsibility on the client. This is what they are paid for. Know this going in. Get it all in writing.

Here’s a hint: Not all low-cost packages are genuine. Sometimes they are just used as window dressing to cover the real deal. Ask questions.


Many providers will offer their installation services. Companies like Verizon FIOS, Comcast, and AT&T U-Verse try to convince their clients that it needs to be done by them. This is not true actually. At most get the outside wiring done for free.

The inside wiring you can do all yourself. Need some help? Have a friend come over and help. It doesn’t make any sense to have the company charge you extra for something they can do for free.

It’s also good to ask them questions about the installation before they begin. Find out what all is included. Here’s a bit of information you might not be aware of. Most cable techs are not trained to do the installation anyway. It doesn’t make sense to pay for something that could be done the wrong way.

Many providers will advertise their excellent installation skills and expertise. This is only to get more money out of you. It’s better to do it all yourself, especially if you know your way around the wiring.


Most providers will try to sell you on the basic package to get you started. Did you know that economy works just as fine? It’s true. Economy can actually handle the high speeds. Economy can also stream movies, sometimes better than the others out there. The economy package can save you at least $10 a month. How cool is that!

Do not get tricked into thinking you need the basic packaging. This is what they get paid to do. They are trained to get you to pay out more money. Do not fall for the incentives they blindly throw out at you.


Some providers will play the game of cancelling out your promotions once your initial period is up. Do not fall for this. This is just their way of getting more money out of you. It happens all the time. The idea is to be smarter than the company. There is a way around this.

All you do is tell them you are thinking about cancelling out your service. You will be amazed at how much they try to kiss your butt. They will bring out the promotions big time. They do this to keep you. In other words, they are scared to lose you.

Another thing you can do is tell them you are thinking about switching companies. You will be surprised at how quickly you become their new best friend. Go along with it. They work for you, they need to remember that.

If you are not tied into a contract your promotions should still be there. If the promotions do get taken from you, you might need to ruffle a few feathers.


Most people do not like to hear complainers, but in this case it will work. Your provider will bend over backwards for you. The key is to complain. There is a trick to complaining though. Do not just complain for the sake of complaining. Make sure there is something valid to complain about.

Log it in your records. Call them up and let them know that the service is botched up. My sister does this. Every time we have bad service she calls and complains. You’d be surprised at how quickly she gets a turn around.

You are paying for a service. You need to have your investment count. Anytime something goes wrong, give the guy a call. Some providers have actually cut some of the prices due to customers complaining enough.

The idea is to do this in a positive fashion. You are looking to make a point. The point is you do need to pay high rates to get good service. You should never accept any of this without getting something in return. This is all a business. Treat it like a business. Things will work out better for you if you do.

Do you see where I am going with this?


At the end of the day only you know what is best for you and your family. I do hope that these tips helped to get you moving in the right direction.

How to find the best Verizon FIOS deals

Verizon-FiOS-Header-Image-copyVerizon wireless has been one of the best cell phone providers for the last several decades, but they have taken things to the next level and stepped things up with their great Verizon FIOS, which currently serves more than five million people around the United States. If you do not know what Verizon FIOS is, it is a bundle package of internet, television and telephone service, which provides customers with top notch service in all three categories at a great price.

* If you want to get service through Verizon, or simply want to get some more information regarding the various packages that they provide, it is strongly advisable that you call and speak to a customer representative, as they will be best able to inform you of the options that you have in your given area.

* However, keep in mind that there are tons of discounts and coupons that you can find online. One of the biggest things that companies such as Verizon and other bundle package providers do is put out coupons and discounts that people can take advantage of if they happen to come across them.

* There are tons of FIOS discounts that can be found on the internet by doing a simple search, which could end up saving you a ton of money in the long run. Keep in mind, when you get one of these coupons, you need to read the fine print and make absolutely certain that you understand the terms and conditions, simply to make sure that there are no drastic increases in prices later down the line.

* Some companies attempt to charge greater rates down the road, hoping that those people that are signing up for service do not realize, and while Verizon is not a company that typically engages in this type of activity, it is good to know what you are signing and be well aware of this type of thing.

* If you want to find a Verizon FIOS discount, you can head to Google or another search engine and do a simple search, which will absolutely turn up some discounts that will get you money off signing up for a package deal. Another thing to consider if you already are using Verizon for your cellular service, is adding on television and internet to make it a package deal.

* There are great discounts that come with adding these services on and bundling a package up, so it may be a great way to go for you and your family. Once you have found a code that you want to use online, you can call Verizon and tell them that you are interested in signing up for service and let them know that you have a discount. They will be able to type in the discount code and make sure that it is valid.

* If you are looking to sign up for a bundle package, there are few companies out there that can compete with the amazing package that Verizon is offering through their bundle deal of television service, internet, and phone service. It is advisable that you do some research into the various things that Verizon offers through this bundle package and compare what you find to the current amount that you are paying for your current service. Additionally, if you do decide that you want to make the switch, do not forget to utilize the internet to find a discount.

Best Place to Buy an Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring TipsFor many people, proposing to a loved one is one of the most important decisions they will ever make. Amazingly, over a third of all proposals occur between Thanksgiving Day and Valentine’s Day. Apparently, something especially propels people to pop the question during the extended holiday season. If you plan to propose in the near future, you may be nervous about the engagement ring purchase. After all, this acquisition might be one of the most expensive purchases you make during your lifetime. Before deciding on the perfect stone, you need to consider the following variables. After contemplating these items, you will be ready to shop at the best place to buy an engagement ring.

BudgetIf you need to purchase an engagement ring in the near future, you might equate considering your budget with not loving your future bride enough. However, this way of thinking isn’t accurate. Actually, the reality is quite the opposite. If you care about your future spouse, you will think about your budget when shopping for a ring.

By planning for your future financially, you are in no way being cheap or tacky. However, you should approach this issue delicately. You should broach the subject gently, positively, and confidently to your intended. Reassure your future spouse that you aren’t trying to put a price tag on your love, but you don’t want to compromise your financial future together. The two of you can create a price range for the ring that you’re both comfortable with.


For many engagement ring shoppers, the selection of the stone is the simplest part of the process. After all, aren’t diamonds the only style of engagement ring to choose from? Actually, you do have other options. Nowadays, more and more brides are opting for gemstones besides diamonds. Some popular choices include:

• Morganite
• Tanzanite
• Emerald
• Sapphire
• Ruby

Usually, these colorful substitutes are much less expensive than diamonds. Besides being more affordable, colorful gemstones allow brides to showcase their individuality and unique style preferences.

The Critical Four C’s

After determining your budget and preferred stone, you should pay attention to the critical four C’s. When purchasing an engagement ring, the four C’s refer to:

• Carat
• Clarity
• Cut
• Color

Carat refers to the size of the stone. Engagement rings, especially diamonds, can be extremely expensive. As the size of the stone increases, the price tends to skyrocket. Many couples decide to purchase a smaller carat weight initially. They then plan to purchase a larger ring for an upcoming milestone anniversary. Couples assume they will have more money to spend on jewelry years from now.

While carat weight is important, you shouldn’t concentrate on it solely. The clarity of a stone refers to the number of imperfections in it. Diamonds are classified from flawless, also known as FL, to included, referred to as I. Most couples will select a ring that falls somewhere in between these two classifications. If the clarity of a diamond is slightly included, the cut of it can make up the difference. A well cut diamond will showcase immense amounts of fire and sparkle. Some popular cuts for engagement rings include:

• Round
• Marquise
• Princess
• Emerald
• Heart

Most brides prefer a colorless diamond engagement ring. This type of diamond is given a D grade. While D graded diamonds are considered the best, Z graded diamonds appear yellow. Like the classifications for clarity, most people will purchase a ring that falls somewhere in between these two grades. Because D graded diamonds are so expensive, many people shop for stones that reside between the G to J range. Before purchasing your ring, you may want to rate the critical 4 C’s in importance. In doing so, you can choose the best ring at a budget friendly price.


Once you know what type of ring to shop for, you need to choose your retailer. Nowadays, many people are turning to online vendors for engagement rings. Besides the internet, you can find your significant other’s dream ring at a local jeweler, a large jewelry chain store, or even a pawn shop. If you plan to reside in the same location after marriage, a local jeweler might be your best option. Often, this type of establishment will periodically clean your ring and check your ring’s prongs free of charge for the rest of your life. Many people have success purchasing an affordable ring at a local pawn shop.

An engagement ring is one of the most important purchases you will make in your lifetime. Therefore, you should map out a definitive plan before shopping for one. After creating a budget, determining a style, and prioritizing the critical four C’s, you can select a retailer. Don’t rush this special process. Instead, enjoy it. More than likely, you will remember it forever.

New Data Finds the BEST Time to Book your Flight!

Cheap Flight DatesAccording to the data scientists at, travelers in the USA will save an average of $201 per ticket if they purchase their domestic flight ticket 47 DAYS BEFORE THEIR TRIP!

Additionally, booking too early can cost up to $50 extra per ticket. So it’s important to time things just right.

Optimally you should purchase your tickets at least 14 days in advance, or you’ll have to pay an avg of $111 more.

For international flights it’s even longer. 96 Days for South America, Europe is 276 Days, and Asia is a year ahead.

The Easiest Way for Anyone to Make a POSITIVE Impression!

Making a good first impressionHere’s a good article in Forbes on how to make a great first impression:

The Wall Street Journal cited a study showing that adults make eye contact 30 to 60 percent of the time in average conversation, but they should be making eye contact 60 to 70 percent of the time “to create a sense of emotional connection.” According to the study, the main culprit of declining eye contact in business conversations is the growing distraction of mobile devices.

also this with the TLDR bolded:

Being an active listener is the surest way to making a positive first impression and it’s possibly the easiest leadership secret you’ll ever hear. There’s no need to take a course or to read a book on the topic. It’s this simple: Look people in the eye. Be present. Be fully engaged.


Don’t Go Broke Shaving! How to Save Money on Shaving Products

Save money on Shaving ProductsThough usually under $20, razors can be add up to be a pricey investment. Keeping your razor sharp and clean prevent you from shelling an exorbitant amount of cash each year for more razors. The following tips will help you reduce your razor spending and prolong the life of the razors you already own. A few easy tips can help keep your razor budget well under your weekly coffee budget.

1. Sharpen Razors with Blue Jeans
Keeping your razors sharp and lasting longer than ever is as easy as digging out an old pair of jeans. To sharpen your razors and get as many uses out of them as possible, simply press the blade into a pair of blue jeans, sliding the razor against the denim in upward strokes. Do this for 10 to 20 strokes, and your razor will be sharp enough for several more uses.
2. Keep Razors Dry
Razors can get extra wear and tear from droplets of water or shaving cream left on their blades. Moisture can rust your razors and dull them. You can extend the life of your razor by drying it after every use. You might even be able to get up to 12 months of use from a disposable razor by dabbing it dry on a towel each time you use it. If you’re worried about germs in your towel getting on your razor blades, you can use a blow dryer on the cool setting to wick away extra moister or even a fan. Purchasing a razor rack that allows your razor to dry upside down will help dry them faster too.
3. Keep Razors Clean
In line with number three, keeping your razor clean can help your blades last longer, which means you’ll need to buy less replacements. Shaving cream, hair and skin cells can get stuck in your blades and dull or break them. An easy fix is to take one of those old disposable toothbrushes you get at the dentist and give your razor a few swipes after every use, clearing the blades of dirt and debris. Just don’t use an old used toothbrush; used toothbrushes can carry bacteria from your mouth or from you bathroom sink. Using a cheap new toothbrush will prevent any germs from getting close to your freshly shaved skin.
4. Go Generic
Unless you’re married to your razor brand, switching to the generic kind will save you plenty of dough per year. Most drugstores, like CVS, Walgreens and Bartells, offer their own brands of razors at a fraction of the cost of the brand names. Try the drugstore brand for two weeks; most shavers don’t notice a different between the generic and the store brands; however, some shavers insist they drugstore brands don’t hold a candle to their favorite razors. If you hate it, you can always go back to your Gillette or your Norelco.5. Clip Coupons
Like most grocery store and drugstore items, clipping coupons can help you save a bundle on razors. You can scour your Sunday circular or head to the internet to find such coupons and deals. If you have a discount card with your local supermarket or drugstore, you might already get deals for your favorite brands.7. Go Big or Go Home
Buying in bulk can help you save on shaving equipment too. Discount stores like Costco and Sam’s Club offer all the name brand razors at a fraction of the price. As long as you have enough space to store your razors, you won’t need to think about buying any for at least another year or so.

8. Dollar Shave Club
Shavers seem to love this quirky razor supply club at $3 gives you a month of razors. You can choose the automatic shipping setting to ensure you never miss a month.

9. Blade Buddy
This $20 accessory can help prolong the life of your razors—and you don’t even have to mess with your blue jeans to get the job done. The Blade Buddy is a silicon pad that you run your razors on to realign the razor blades. When your blades are warped, it means more skin pulling and nicks. It can prolong the life of your razor by a few months.

When Should You Buy Refurbished Products?

When should you buy refurbished productsMany people think that when they need to buy a product, there are two choices. They can buy something that is brand new, or something that is used. There is a third alternative that is worth exploring. Before you buy anything, it pays to look into the idea of purchasing a refurbished item.

What Does Refurbished Mean?

Refurbished is a term that indicates the good in question is not new, but that enough work has been done on the item to restore it to a state that is very close to being new. The idea behind refurbishing is to take a used item that is in relatively good condition, and then restore it using the same standards of the original manufacturer. The result is a product that is expected to provide years of service before there is a need to replace it.

What Sort of Products are Refurbished?

Many types of consumer goods are refurbished for use. This can include computers, television sets, sound equipment, and even office equipment like printers and fax machines.

What Sets Refurbished Items Apart from Used Items?

There are several things about refurbished electronics and other items that make them a better choice than similar used products. One of the first things to understand is that any item that is refurbished undergoes a strict inspection process. If something is found that adversely affects the function of that item, it is repaired using the same parts as the original manufacturer. From there, the item goes through another inspection to ensure the level of performance is in line with those standards.

Keep in mind that used items are usually sold as is. There is no inspection ahead of time, other than a possibly cursory look to determine if the item is still working. You are assuming a greater level of risk by choosing to buy a used product.

How About the Benefits of Buying Refurbished Products?

Along with the fact that the item has been inspected and restored to a reasonable level of functionality, you get something with a refurbished product that you are not likely to get with a used one: a warranty. Just about every refurbished item on the market will come with some sort of limited warranty. What this means for you is that there are protections in place that will help if the product fails within a certain amount of time. To find out just what sort of events are covered under the warranty terms and conditions, you can read the document and decide if the scope of the coverage is sufficient.

Another advantage of considering refurbished items for purchase is that they cost less than their brand new counterparts. That makes them affordable for people who do not have the resources to buy something new. For example, perhaps you really need a laptop computer for school or to start your own home business. The problem is that you don’t have the cash to buy something new. Finding a good quality refurbished laptop with a decent warranty could easily cost you less than half of the price of a new unit. That is certainly kinder to the wallet.

Keep in mind that since refurbished items are restored using factory standards, that means any replacement parts will be the same types used for the manufacture of new products. This gets you away from the possibility of purchasing something that is built with the aid of third party components. As a result, you can rest assured the quality of those parts is high, and that the chances of a defect making it through the inspection process is kept to a minimum.

As with any purchase, you are responsible for deciding if a particular good meets your needs. Before thinking that you must by brand new products in order to get the best deal, look closely at what a refurbished item can provide. In many cases, that restored item will easily last for years and be much kinder to your household budget.

How to Make Money Fast?

time - moneyMaking extra money doesn’t mean you need to pound pavement and score a second job. There’s plenty of extra cash lying around your apartment; all you need to do is find it.

Collect Loose Change
Go through old jackets, purses, wallets and pockets, and check in sofa cushions for spare change. You’ll be surprised at just how much spare change you can find stashed away. You can either roll the coins yourself in paper sleeves you can score at the bank, or you can bring them to a Coinstar machine for cash. Saving your loose change can earn you a few hundred dollars over just a few months.

Return Unused Items
Many Americans buy way more than they’ll ever need. How many times have you gone to your closet, only to find clothes with the tags still on that you never wore? Most stores have 30 or 90 day return policies, so unless the clothes have been purchased within that time frame, you might not be eligible for a full cash refund, only a store credit; however, you can always take your store credit and sell the credit online later for cash (see number 5).

Sell Bottled Water
Though extremely simple, bottled water is cheap and inexpensive; yet most people do not think ahead to when they will need a refreshing beverage. Buy a case of bottled water and bring it to the next local sporting event. Bring bottles of water with you in a cooler, and post a sign outside your cooler that says, “Bottled Water – $1.00). You can also do this at farmer’s markets, antique sales and garage sales. Note: you won’t be able to bring a case of bottled water into a major arena or sporting event, so just stick to smaller ones.

Play the Odds
Got great card skills? Take your awesome talent on the road by becoming a professional gambler. You can start small at your local casino and start by playing the penny slots or card tables. Once you’ve improved, you can begin playing at larger venues.

Sell Your Old Stuff
Take inventory of all the things lying around your home or apartment you don’t use anymore. You can sell old clothes online at or bring them to a consignment store.
• Remember that last cell phone upgrade you got? Find your old cell phones, and either sell them on,, or you can send them back to your phone carrier and get a credit toward your next phone bill.
• How many Starbucks gift cards did you get in your stocking last Christmas? If you’ve ever gotten gift cards that you can’t use, you can sell them online on or
• Collect old books you haven’t read in a long time or don’t plan on reading, and sell them at a used book store. Depending on the book, you can rake in up to $50 for an entire bag of them. Or, if the books you own are rare or collectibles, you can sell them on and get a site credit or cold hard cash deposited into your bank account.

Unclaimed Bonds
If someone bought you a savings bond 10 years ago for your birthday, you might have lost it. Luckily, bonds are now all purchased electronically, so even if you’ve forgotten about them, you can search for your unclaimed bonds at and claim your cash.


Find Your Missing Money
Make good on those utility bill deposits you paid to open up an account. If you have bad credit, you might have needed to put a deposit down on your last utility bill. Make sure you’ve collected all your old deposits. Go to to discover if you have any refunds due or uncollected property assets.

Return Old Bottles
Instead of throwing out old bottles and cans, take them to your local redemption center. Certain states collect a deposit on certain beverages sold in cans and bottles, and if your state participates in this program, you should collect that money by taking your empties to your local grocery store. Cans and bottles can yield up to 5 cents per item, so making an extra $20 doesn’t take long at all. Plus, if you’re throwing away your old cans and bottles, you’re literally throwing money out with them.

How To Find Designer Clothes For Less

BDesigner Clothes for lesseing a keen shopper these days is a commitment that requires more than clipping coupons. You have to know when, where, and how to find the best deals. Finding a good deal on clothes can especially feel like trying to find a needle in a hay stack for some people, so they often give up and pay full price. If it feels like your wallet is deflating every time you leave a clothing store, it might be time for a change. Here are some ways to find designer clothes for less.

Shop At Goodwill Stores
Goodwill stores and thrift shops are excellent sources for finding high-end clothing at low-end prices. You won’t find any designer shirts, jeans, or shoes that cost more than ten dollars. In addition, goodwill stores have storewide half-off sales the first Saturday of every month. The store also color codes their clothes and will occasionally designate a certain color to be half-off for the day. Thrift stores are also a good place to find great deals on designer suits and boots.Pay Attention To Black Friday Deals
The Day After Thanksgiving Sale is a wonderful time to find designer clothes for less if you can contend with packed parking lots and long lines. Often, the most celebrated names in fashion will sell everything in their store for 50% off on this day. To make it more interesting, stores are usually open until midnight, giving you ample time to find good deals on your favorite brands.Take Note Of Clearance And Going Out Of Business Sales
When a business closes down, they will offer liquidation sales in which merchandise is sold at a huge discounted rate. You can expect to find designer jeans, blouses, jackets, shoes, and other apparel for as much as 75% off at a clothing store that is going out of business. Along the same lines, stores put products they can’t sell in a clearance bin. You can expect to find your favorite brands in clearance for as much as 90% off!

Second-Hand Sales Can Help You Get First Rate Deals
Keep your eye out for yard sales in your neighborhood. You can find designer clothes at yard sales for as cheap as a dollar. Furthermore, you’ll save on the gas money it takes to travel to downtown retail stores. Along the same lines, you’ll also find great deals on Craigslist, a website that acts as an internet yard sale. The site is broken down into different categories of goods to be sold. Lastly, church pantries that give out free food are known to have outside sales the third Saturday of every month to help pay the rent. You might be able to find designer clothes for as low as a quarter at these events.

There are countless other ways to save money on designer clothes and, often, it’s a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Using these tips will help you expand your wardrobe along with your wallet. Keep these tips in safe keeping so that the next time you feel an urge to walk in a designer retail store and pay full price, they will remind you that there will always a better deal some other time or somewhere else.

Five Cheap Diet Plans

cheap-diet-planWith all of the diet plans that are on the market today, it can be difficult to determine the best one for you. If you are on a budget, this choice becomes even more difficult. You may not be able to afford the expensive celebrity diet that is being touted on the Dr. Oz show!

Fortunately, there are some viable, cheap diet plans that you can implement today without breaking your budget. Here are five of the best.

– The Culinary Diet

Believe it or not, staying away from convenience foods immediately lowers your food budget. If you take it upon yourself to cook natural foods instead of dealing with processed foods, you will immediately improve your diet as well.

There is a very easy way to get foods for the culinary diet – stay along the circumference of your favorite grocery store when you shop. Most of them usually place raw fruits and vegetables and other natural foods along the outside while leaving the processed foods for the middle aisles.

– The Day of Cleanse Diet

Many people go about cleaning out their body by focusing one day of the week on raw fruit or vegetable shakes with no meat, cheese or milk. This is a relatively simple and cheap plan because you can use any leftover fruits and vegetables from your refrigerator.

One day of the week, eat nothing except the raw vegetable and fruit shakes (75% vegetable, 25% fruit) that you blend. You can also utilize other natural foods for additional nutrition such as garlic and ginger root.

You should also drink at least 16 glasses of water on the day of cleanse interspersed evenly throughout the day.

– The Gluten Free Diet

Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat, barley and rye. Because of the underhanded processing methods of food distributors, however, much of the gluten in today’s wheat, barley and rye crops has been adversely affected. It is now sometimes better for a person to completely avoid gluten rather than to find “healthy” bread.

Searching out gluten-free foods is also an easy way to search out foods that are less expensive and more healthy. Almost all processed foods contain gluten, which will keep you away from them. Corn, rice and sorghum are some of the grains that do not contain gluten at all. You can round out your diet with certain meats, fruit and nuts while avoiding a great deal of the unhealthy foods that contain processed gluten.

– The Spice Diet

The splice diet puts to rest the notion that good food has to taste bad. As a matter of fact, learning your spice rack can give you additional nutrients. The secret is to only deal with natural spices!

Splices can provide immunity boosts of many kinds depending on the type of nutritional boost that you need – anything from lowering blood sugar all the way to preventing heart disease. Some of the best prices for your health are also quite common such as cinnamon, garlic, ginger root and oregano.

– Sticks and Stones

If you have organic fruits and vegetables in your fridge, you are throwing away some of the best parts of those foods! For instance, grape sticks have been found to contain many nutrients that are not actually in grapes. There are also certain types of sticks that are imported from Japan that contain nutrients to lower blood pressure. They may not be very filling, but they will add nutritional value to your diet.