Cheap High Speed Internet – How to Find It


Exploring your options with your internet provider used to be something for geeks. These days it’s become a matter of necessity. Almost everyone is seeking out some sort of service with an internet provider.

Well before you sign on the dotted line for you next contract, you might want to keep a fey key points in mind.


This used to be a an old joke around the dinner table. These days it’s really not considered a joke. Get everything in writing before you do anything. Here’s why:

1)Internet providers are in the business of selling. The company is not there to be your new best friend. You have your real best friend for that. Your provider cam clam anything. Once the first bill comes, all bets are off. If the company is promising you something get it in writing. This goes for anything they promise.

2)The provider can and will claim ignorance on any issue. They are in the business of putting the responsibility on the client. This is what they are paid for. Know this going in. Get it all in writing.

Here’s a hint: Not all low-cost packages are genuine. Sometimes they are just used as window dressing to cover the real deal. Ask questions.


Many providers will offer their installation services. Companies like Verizon FIOS, Comcast, and AT&T U-Verse try to convince their clients that it needs to be done by them. This is not true actually. At most get the outside wiring done for free.

The inside wiring you can do all yourself. Need some help? Have a friend come over and help. It doesn’t make any sense to have the company charge you extra for something they can do for free.

It’s also good to ask them questions about the installation before they begin. Find out what all is included. Here’s a bit of information you might not be aware of. Most cable techs are not trained to do the installation anyway. It doesn’t make sense to pay for something that could be done the wrong way.

Many providers will advertise their excellent installation skills and expertise. This is only to get more money out of you. It’s better to do it all yourself, especially if you know your way around the wiring.


Most providers will try to sell you on the basic package to get you started. Did you know that economy works just as fine? It’s true. Economy can actually handle the high speeds. Economy can also stream movies, sometimes better than the others out there. The economy package can save you at least $10 a month. How cool is that!

Do not get tricked into thinking you need the basic packaging. This is what they get paid to do. They are trained to get you to pay out more money. Do not fall for the incentives they blindly throw out at you.


Some providers will play the game of cancelling out your promotions once your initial period is up. Do not fall for this. This is just their way of getting more money out of you. It happens all the time. The idea is to be smarter than the company. There is a way around this.

All you do is tell them you are thinking about cancelling out your service. You will be amazed at how much they try to kiss your butt. They will bring out the promotions big time. They do this to keep you. In other words, they are scared to lose you.

Another thing you can do is tell them you are thinking about switching companies. You will be surprised at how quickly you become their new best friend. Go along with it. They work for you, they need to remember that.

If you are not tied into a contract your promotions should still be there. If the promotions do get taken from you, you might need to ruffle a few feathers.


Most people do not like to hear complainers, but in this case it will work. Your provider will bend over backwards for you. The key is to complain. There is a trick to complaining though. Do not just complain for the sake of complaining. Make sure there is something valid to complain about.

Log it in your records. Call them up and let them know that the service is botched up. My sister does this. Every time we have bad service she calls and complains. You’d be surprised at how quickly she gets a turn around.

You are paying for a service. You need to have your investment count. Anytime something goes wrong, give the guy a call. Some providers have actually cut some of the prices due to customers complaining enough.

The idea is to do this in a positive fashion. You are looking to make a point. The point is you do need to pay high rates to get good service. You should never accept any of this without getting something in return. This is all a business. Treat it like a business. Things will work out better for you if you do.

Do you see where I am going with this?


At the end of the day only you know what is best for you and your family. I do hope that these tips helped to get you moving in the right direction.

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