Why Cloud Backup Is Better Than Local

cloud-backup (1)Relying on local backup options is no longer the best way to keep your work safe. Cloud storage like Carbonite offers a comprehensive solution to the problems local backup presents.

The cloud’s advantages over local backup:
• Cost-effective when compared to other backup options
• Recovery of damaged /accidentally deleted files
• Storage across multiple devices
• Sharing documents is much easier
• Ease of use across multiple devices and users
• Increased privacy and securityCost-Effectiveness
Using a cloud-based backup service is far cheaper than physically backing up your valuable files. Even when considering cloud storage options that charge, these are typically far cheaper than physical storage options and they include all the other benefits of cloud storage. A typical 1tb external hard drive will cost over sixty dollars. Most services will offer that same storage for about 10$/month. No more paying for storage space you do not need.Recovery of Lost Files
There is nothing worse than losing work because of a computer crash, power outage, or accidental deletion of a file. Cloud based storage eliminates this problem. Saving to the cloud allows you open the last saved version on any device. Those who have trouble remembering to save files while working on them can automate the saving process, backing up your files without saving them manually every five minutes.

Sharing and Syncing
One of the biggest advantages of cloud storage is the ability to sync your work across multiple platforms, with multiple users. You can begin writing on your work computer, continue working on the same file on your smartphone on the train ride home, and finish your work on your laptop at home. This allows you to edit files and share photos, videos, and documents across numerous platforms. When working on files that multiple people will need to access and make edits to, cloud storage is far better than local. Previously, to have a large group of people collaborating on a single file would require multiple emails and it would be very difficult to track which edits were final. With cloud storage, everyone who has access to the file can see the most recent edition of the file. This removes the need for sending multiple copies of files. Cloud storage vastly simplifies collaboration.

Local storage can be secure, but it is vulnerable to someone removing the physical storage option you are using. With cloud storage, the files are kept in a separate location from the original and are password protected. Data stored in the cloud is encrypted. This makes cloud storage the superior option for safely storing your files.

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