Collective efforts for change.


It may seem easy to just let them go bankrupt but the real solution is to rectify the situation and since the internet has faciliated amazing social collective actions, we need the greatest minds to solve this problem. Its such a multifaceted problem that not one government/person can solve this. You are overhauling the whole system bit by bit. I am thankful for such movements such as Occupy Wall street but now we are aware, we need feasible alternative options such as regulation/rules that will instill stability.  

I would recommend watching the doco INSIDE JOB for more information on the Wall street debacle.

So why did CEO and bankers do what they did - short term gains. CEO are generally allocated shares as part of their pay so which explains why we have seen CEO cutting staff to get a better balance sheet and fake a profit in that financial year which is attractive for investors and hence increase the share price. CEO leaves, sells shares at this inflated price and the business is weakened and in the Wall street case, it was bringing about its own collapse by such actions. Problem is, we as investors look for businesses that are promising = profit growth and businesses know this so the business we do anything to attract this investment and in this case, compromise its foundations. This is fundamentally our economic flaw - we are reliant on continual growth every year FOREVER and is evident also in our desire for GDP growth (measures economic growth of a country). You are asking for never ending unsustainable growth and how do you do that.....consumerism. Consumerism feeds this growth. If we wanted to reduce consumerism = lose jobs in this industry and the economy goes down, etc. Unfortantely everything is interwined.  

Regarding the special task force - are you aware that people in power (economic advisors, chairman of the federal reserve bank, etc) faciliated and permitted what Wall Street got away with. So we as citizens need to call into question the people in power regarding their conflciting position to this special task force. If your were responsible for the actions of Wall Street traders, would you instigate a special task force to find that you were the major proponent...NO and these people are advisors to the people in power.