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Dell is one of the largest Windows based computer manufacturers in the world, so for anyone who is looking for a new computer system or wants additional accessories for what they already have, Dell is an excellent location to start. With the combination of the prices at Del and coupon codes, it is possible to save a considerable amount of money. However, it is necessary to know how to find the right product on the website and also how to land the best deal possible.

When first arriving at the website, it is rather straight forward to follow through with the content on the site. First, the main sale of the day is listed in the middle of the page, with three large windows below it. These windows lead to current Dell deals, the support staff and for Dell services. When it comes to the shopping aspect of the website, the person can click on the “For Home” or “For Work” tabs found at the top of the screen. Other tabs that are listed next to these areas of the website include a support tab and “My Account” tab. After buying something from the Dell website, it is possible to create an account that makes it easy to purchase items directly from the company and to make sure the buyer’s information is saved right in the website.

After clicking on one of the Home or Work tabs, the person is then taken to a new page. This brings up the different areas they can go shopping in, which includes accessories, new tablets, desktop and all in one computers plus laptops and ultrabooks as well. When the person selects one of these they are going to be taken further into the website and shown all of the different pieces of equipment that fits the given needs of the user.

They can scroll through the website in order to find the perfect device that fits their needs after making it to the right website page. When they click on a particular computer or other device, they might be given the opportunity to select one of the different variations of the computer system. Many of the products sold on the Dell website do come with different options that can be used to upgrade the device. Whether this is a larger hard drive, more RAM, additional accessories or power features, there are usually going to be an assortment of different features someone is able to use and find when selecting the right product for what they are looking for.

After selecting the product that they want, they have the option of adding an accidental damage service, should they want to. It is possible to add up to four years of protection to a device, should someone want. This covers all sorts of different problems a person may run into, including liquid spills on the unit, dropping the device, an electrical surge or damage to the LCD screen. No matter what the problem may be, a person is able to correct these sorts of issues and make sure it is always working well. Of course, someone does not need to purchase any of these options should they want to avoid the extended warranty service. Once they are happy with the device, they just need to click the “Add to Cart” button and the product is going to be instantly added to their shopping card.

On the next page, Dell is going to recommend specific equipment to order along with the current item. This may range from a series of computer speaks to a hard drive, bluetooth hardware or other equipment they might find desirable for their particular needs. If they want the item, they can click the “Add to Cart” option, or they just need to proceed to checkout. On the checkout page in the lower left corner, there is the “Discounts and Coupons” option found on the page. Here, someone is able to type in the set coupon code they have in order to receive the discounted price. There are all sorts of different discounts and coupon codes available to the individual, although these different codes can vary from time to time, depending on when someone wants to make the purchase. It is important to remember that someone is only able to use one coupon code at a time.

After including the coupon code and Dell accepts the code, the individual just needs to select the “Secure Checkout” button and they can type in their checkout information. If their billing and mailing information is the same they need to check off the provided box under “Billing.” They can they include everything they might need and, from there, it is possible to complete the purchase process and move on to completing their order form Dell.

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