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Hewlett-Packard, or HP, is a leading computer and tech manufacturer that sells a wide range of different products through its online site. It is possible to purchase everything from laptops and desktops all the way to monitors, printers and networking equipment. This way, everyone from a college student to a small business owner is covered. Now, when it comes to using the website, it is necessary to understand how the website works, how the purchase process runs and when a coupon code can be used.

When arriving at the website, the individual is going to find a rather clean front page. In the middle of the page is the latest product from the company and a few other items that might be desirable for someone who wishes to purchase computers or other hardware. On the left side of the screen is a shopping menu. Some of the items someone can select from includes laptops, tablets, desktops, printers, ink and toner, monitors and accessories. For other assistance that does not revolve around purchasing a product, there are links at the top of the page. This includes product support. The product support link offers troubleshooting for all of the equipment it sells and added downloads that are used to improve the functionality of the device. Sometimes a new driver is required for a printer or other device to work, which is why this is a nice feature to remember when using the software.For someone who wants to purchase an item, they need to click upon the shop HP link that is presented on the left side of the screen. From here, it is going to show the different items that are available for someone that wants to buy a particular product. If someone is shopping for a laptop, there are a few different ways to shop for the right computer. They can select the “View All” tab, or they can select a specific need. This includes laptops that are designed for easy transport, others that come with more power and some that offer a detachable screen. This take the individual towards a larger selection of all of the different laptops or products that are available. Each listing on the page does provide some highlights of the product, making it easy to compare one product to the next. Someone also has the ability to click on the product to read further into seeing which one is going to work for them or not.After someone clicks on a product they like, they can go from there and customize the laptop. With most of the hardware sold by HP online, it is always possible to upgrade the equipment and to make sure it has the very specifics needed for the computer to run properly. This includes added additional RAM, hard drive space, processing speed and other elements. Some come with the option of having a different color on the exterior of the device. They can also change most other features of the product. Once they are happy with the item though they just need to click “Add to Cart” and it is added to their shopping car.A person from here can continue on with their shopping or they may want to simply proceed to the checkout point. With the item inside of their shopping cart they just need to click the small shopping cart icon that is in the upper right corner of the screen, found right next to the search bar. This gives a general overview of what is currently in the shopping cart. On the left side of the screen, there is the coupon code option. In order to add a coupon code they just need to click the “Add” button. From here, it is possible to add any particular coupon code. The list of available coupon codes does change all the day, as these can vary from free shipping to a discount percentage off or added accessories packaged in with a product. A shopper can only select one particular coupon code when they input it into their checkout. After the coupon code has been entered in and the website accepts it, they just need to click “Checkout” to continue on with the checkout process.Now, all the person needs to do is type in their billing and mailing infuriation. If both are the same there is a small check box on the billing screen they need to check so they do not need to type in everything over again. With this information entered in, the person shopping around on the Hewlett-Packard website just needs to submit their payment information and it is going to run the credit or debit card used to pay (it is also possible to pay with PayPal). With all of this here, it is possible to complete the transaction.

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