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Computer and Internet security is a growing importance in this day in age. With just about every single device connected to the Internet now, it allows the device to access all sorts of information. Of course, it also makes it susceptible towards possible Internet based attacks as well. This is exactly why it is so important for someone to integrate security measures into their device. That is where Kaspersky.com comes into play. This website provides a wide range of security produces and devices, all of which can drastically help improve the overall level of security for the Internet based device. Of course, all of this comes down to what someone is using and how they want to protect themselves.

For starters, when first reaching the website, the main products for individual and business computes are listed on the main page. From here though, it is also possible to reach different kinds of content as well. On the bottom half of the screen there is a link for security for home based device, security for business based devices and also featured content as well. On the top of the screen there are more navigation menus. These menus provide direct access to all of the products and services available, a link directly to the store and even a downloads link. This link helps customers stay up to date with their latest content and provide them with the ability to update their purchases so it protects their equipment from the latest Internet threats.

In order to shop, the visit just needs to click on the “Store” tab found at the top of the page. This brings up a series of different software options. There are two initial options. The browser can click on either “Security for Home” or “Security for Business.” This changes the kind of service that is sold on the website. It also shows the different products available for each service and it directly compares the products. There is a grid listing of every single option someone can select from. There are usually a few dozen different comparison points, so a shopper can determine what exactly they are looking for and find the right product for their needs.

After choosing the right product, they need to select the year of their subscription. There are different subscription lengths for the Internet security features. It really comes down to how long someone wants to pay for their product upfront. It is possible to purchase a subscription for the product from anywhere ranging from one to three years. The per-year price is less expensive when selecting the three year option, although the initial price is less for the one year subscription. It really just comes down to how much the shopper wants to pay up front.

Once the selected length of the subscription is provided the individual just needs to click the “Select” button next to their desired object and the shopping cart feature is going to appear. With the shopping cart feature a “Backup Disc” is automatically included in the cart. This does cost extra, so for someone who does not want the added backup disc, they need to click the “X” next to the price tag and it removes the backup disc from the listing. They also have the ability here to add any sort of premium installation service, a premium support package or an extended download service. Of course, in order to add these they need to click the “Add” button next to the listing.

Once everything looks in order the client can begin entering in their payment information. This is initially done by typing in the billing information. The billing information is just the billing address of the credit card, the credit card money or, if they want, they can click on the “Wire Transfer” icon and then input this information should they desire. Once everything is input and they have checked off their “Auto-Renewal” terms and conditions box they can click “Next.”

No mailing address is required unless the person wanted the added backup disc on their package. After all of this has been included they can proceed to the checkout page. The checkout page is where the coupon code can go if the user has such a code. As there is no real shipping for the product (unless a backup disc is selected) most codes are not going to provide this sort of a feature. A few of the coupon codes may provide a free backup disc or a selected discount for the product (or even a free added year subscription), although it really just depends on the coupon code, which can vary from month to month. It is important to type in the most desired code though, as the Kaspersky.com website only allows one coupon code per transaction.

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