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Norton CouponsOne of the most important aspects of computer use is Internet security. Without it systems are open to a number of viruses that not only make using a computer inconvenient, but can disable functions, steal data, and slowly infect computers. Viruses even gain knowledge of key strokes, passwords, and other information used in stealing identities. Most Internet and computer users have some type of security software installed on their computers. Software that protects user privacy seems almost a must. With new viruses and worms to infect computers, having some type of security isn’t an option anymore.

One of the most well known antivirus and protection brands is Norton Security by Symantec. Norton products are priced for basic packages, and go up in price for more premier security plans, with advanced security features. For those that love a bargain, the good news is online coupons and promotional codes offer the ability to purchase Norton Security software at a fraction of the normal cost.

Find Deals By Searching the Internet

For shoppers who have never used online coupons and codes, the process can be a little confusing at first. Using special deal coupons and codes isn’t hard. In a few easy steps, customers will not only enjoy huge savings, but will enjoy all the benefits of premier software. Most coupons and codes can be found very easily by simply doing a search on any search engine, using the keywords Norton by Symantec coupons and promotional codes. A list of search results will appear. Click on one or two to view their list of Norton coupons and codes.

Coupon Saving Tags and Buttons

The sites may have coupons separated into categories, such as by popular, unpopular, and expired coupons. The popular and unpopular are the active categories, while the expired can no longer be redeemed. While scrolling through the coupons, notice that a tag to the left of the coupon or code description quickly shows how much savings customers can expect. Some may say $55 off the regular price, while others may say $30, $20, or $10 off. Others may simply have the words sale, notating an item for sale. Read descriptions for a full understanding of the sale. Tags will also say sale, or code, indicating what type of action is needed to get the product at the advertised price. Some will simply require shoppers click on the coupon, while the tags that say code indicate shoppers need the coupon code to to get full savings.


To the right of the description two different kinds of discounts are being advertised. One will normally be in bold box, in blue, yellow, red or some other color, with the words “get deal,” while another type of coupon will simply say the type of software the sale is good for. Don’t be confused by this. The colored tag with “get deal” simply means to click on the button. No code is required for this coupon. Click on the “get deal” button, and go to the Norton Security website. Once there, notice that one product has been placed in the shopping cart at the top of the page. Click on it and go to shopping cart. Notice the savings have already been applied. All shoppers need to do is check out. No other action is required.


The other type of button to the right of the product lists the sale product, or may say get code, depending on the coupon web site. This type of promotion requires a code to purchase the product at the lower price. Simply click on the button, and a code will be revealed. A copy button will appear to the right of the code. Clicking on the copy button automatically copies the code, without having to write it down. Click on the go to, above the code, and shoppers are automatically directed to the Norton Security product page. The product from the coupon code is already in the shopping cart.

Redeeming Promotional Codes, and Applying Savings

Click on the cart and view the item in shopping cart. The product is listed at its full price because the code has not yet been applied. Apply the savings by pasting the code in the promotional code box. Shoppers will find this under the product description. After code is pasted in the promotional code box, click apply. After clicking the apply button, the discount advertised on the coupon will appear. The original price is changed, with discount. Simply click on check out, pay with a credit card, and get the advertised savings. It’s that convenient, and that easy. Norton Security codes and coupons allow shoppers the value of advanced security products, with easy, convenient savings.

Symantec Corporation makes leading security software products.Symantec began distributing Norton Security products in 2009. Norton Security offers individual, family and business security software, protecting Internet users and personal computers, laptops, and mobile devices.

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