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People are always looking for ways to save money, and get the most for what they spend. This is especially true when it comes down to cell phone bills. Straight Talk is a non-contract cell phone service provider, and has inexpensive, flat rate plans with quality phones and extensive cell coverage. As cheap as their month to month plans are, there are always people looking for a way to save even more. Fortunately for those looking for much better deals, there are hundreds of different Straight Talk promo codes out there.

Promo codes save consumers money, and everyone likes to save money. A promo code works much in the same way a paper coupon would work in the local grocery store. The best place to find these promo codes are online. Straight Talk has created its very own website dedicated solely to helping their consumers save a few extra bucks where ever they can. The website has quite a few awesome deals for new or existing customers. A basic summary of the variety of promo codes they offer would include free overnight shipping on select items, free ground shipping on multiple items, $15 and $30 off coupons, reconditioned phone sales, phone and service packages, and nice price cuts on new, high dollar phones.

There are many more Straight Talk promo codes out there as well. One very easy and convenient way to locate these promo codes is to type “Straight Talk promo codes”, or something similar, into a search engine and click the search button. There are many different sites dedicated solely to helping consumers save money. is a very popular coupon site and regularly has multiple different, reliable, promo codes for the browser to choose from. Some of the Straight Talk promo codes offered price breaks on multiple new and reconditioned phones, mobile hotspot adaptors, and free shipping on just about everything. Another well known promo code site is This website had promo codes for new and reconditioned phones free, with the purchase of a service plan, free shipping and many other awesome deals, all on Straight Talk products and services. This website also has a counter, that tells how many times that code has been successfully redeemed. With a little bit of digging and searching, many more Straight Talk promo codes could very well turn up.

In the end, it is fairly obvious one can find amazing Straight Talk promo codes on a wide variety of their products and services quite easily. Promo codes, like those mentioned above, offer a business an opportunity to draw in clients, who might not have come, had the price been higher, and gives consumers the chance to find the product and service they want, at an unbeatable price. It is a win-win situation for both the provider and the consumer. The provider gets the client, the client gets a great deal and gets to keep a few extra of those hard earned dollars. Straight Talk offers promo codes for that very reason, to encourage people to come try their service.

Straight Talk wireless vs the competition

All businesses, including wireless companies, have two essential components in common. Business integrity and employee attributes affect a company’s prestige and success.

Companies that are trustworthy and fulfill their promises or discharge their duties in a responsible manner. Straight Talk Wireless and their competitors are remiss in this area. Straight Talk, Sprint, Verizon, Cricket, U.S. Cellular, T-Mobile and others are deficient, to a similar degree.

The behavior and attitude of the staff significantly influence buyer satisfaction. Are the workers friendly, courteous, respectful and helpful? These employees will engender good customer relations with positive consumer experience. If employees are unresponsive or unsympathetic to the problems or questions of their patrons, this situation will likely foster negative feelings.

Straight Talk offers shoppers the option of keeping their current phone; their competitors’ inventories include a wider choice of phones. StraightTalk offers consumers comparable cellular service without a contract. This option is appealing and distinctive

Telecommunications companies that have an extensive and varied list of products or a gigantic selection of games and apps are impressive and attractive, at first. What features make customers happy? Customers’ needs and values differ. Consumers have diverse experiences; experiences differ between each company, but also within each company.

Any assessment or evaluation of telecommunication companies is going to be subjective; based on personal experiences and preferences. Straight Talk may suit your needs perfectly, or another company may suit your criteria better. An informed decision is the best decision.

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