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Click Here for a limited time Fios Triple Play offer includes Fios 150/150 Internet, Fios Custom TV and Phone starting at $79.99/month year 1 and $84.99 year 2 plus a $200 Visa Merchant card (2-year agreement required). Expires 1/2/17.

Limited time! Fios 150/150 Data, TV and Phone for $79.99/mo yr1/$84.99/mo yr2 plus $200 Visa Merchant card w/2 yr agreement

Verizon FIOS Red Hot Offer!

I’ve been posting these FIOS deals for years, and this is the best one I’ve seen in quite some time. In fact this pretty much the best deal ever for FIOS triple play. I’m going to order this one myself.

Click Here and for $69.99 you get Verizon Fios 100/100 Data, TV, and Phone + STARZ included for one year with no annual contract. There really has never been a better deal on a 100/100 data plan and a premium channel with no contract. It expires on Nov 5th. So please grab this one if you have any desire to get FIOS.

Current Verizon FIOS Bundle Promotions:

Limited time offer  – Click Here for a limited time offer-order online, and we’ll waive your setup fee ($80 value)

1. Click Here for Verizon Fios 50/50 Data and TV at $74.99/mo yr1, $89.99/mo yr2 with 2-year agreement!

2. Check out the Click Here Verizon FiOS Double Play starting at $50 per mo for the first year, then $70 for the second year. Get FIOS local, HBO and Showtime for two years.

3. Get a Click Here for FIOS starting at $79.99/mo. + FREE activation with no term agreement – sign up for a 2-year contract and also get a$400 PROMO CARD. The Triple Play includes 50/50 Mbps FiOS Internet + FIOS Select HD TV + Phone service. Also, you will receive HBO, SHOWTIME, Cinemax, STARZ, and EPIX for 12 months free.

4.Verizon Fios 50/50 Internet for $49.99 / Month! Get Verizon Fios 50/50 for $49.99 per month for year 1 and then $59.99 per month for year 2 with a 2-year agreement.

Please note: Verizon FIOS bundles are the way to go to maximize your savings. Instead of paying separately for cable, phone, and internet, you can group them together at a discounted price. Verizon provides a variety of other promotions that can help you save. This includes:

FIOS Triple Play

The FIOS Triple Play local deal provides select HDTV channels, 25/25 Mbps Internet, and landline phone. The cost is $79.99 per month (plus taxes, equipment and other charges) and requires a 2-year contract. Also, you have the option of adding premium channels at 50 percent off for two years. Also, this deal gives you a $300 Visa prepaid gift card.

If Verizon FIOS is unavailable where you live, there is a FIOS Triple Play option that gives you 25/25 Mbps high-speed Internet, DirecTV, and phone for $89.99 per month plus other fees. That Verizon package requires a 2-year agreement, gives you access to 50 percent off premium channels for two years and a $300 Visa prepaid card.

FIOS Triple Play Spanish

The FIOS Triple Play Spanish package costs $144.99 per month plus other taxes and fees and delivers Ultimate HDTV, 75/75 Mbps Internet, and phone. With this package, you receive all Spanish language channels, Showtime, Cinemax, STARZ, and HBO, as well as a $400 Visa prepaid gift card.

FIOS Double Play

The FIOS Double Play local package costs $59.99 per month and does not require an annual contract. The package includes FIOS TV local, 50/50 Mbps Internet and HBO for two years. For those without FIOS availability in their area, for $64.99 per month, you receive select HDTV from DirecTV and 25/25 Mbps.

Business Bundle

For those looking to save on business connectivity, the Verizon Business Bundle is the best option. Starting at $89.99 per month in addition to taxes and fees, you receive two phone lines with 15 different calling features, high-speed Internet, a variety of business applications, on-site installation and around-the-clock support,

Additional Savings

In addition to the $300 prepaid gift card provided with FIOS Triple Play and FIOS Triple Play Spanish, there are no activation fees which saves $49.99, the ability to cancel anytime within 30 days of installation without early termination fees and you can request a certificate for a free Ellipsis 7 4G tablet or $200 off any Tablet with a 2-year data plan.

Verizon FIOS offers several ways to save with the best options through their plan bundles. Whether you are searching for a reliable television, Internet and phone company for residential use or secure phone and the Internet to operate your business, Verizon FIOS has an affordable plan that fits your specific requirements.

Verizon offers many different bundles that include FIOS Internet service. In this article, we will list a few of their best deals. It can be hard to understand all the different prices and values for the bundles simply because of how many of them there are. Many of them are similar, differing from others in only one area. However, if you know what you are looking for, then some of the bundles stand out as the best deals. Read on to learn more about what to look for in a FIOS bundle and which one is best for you.

Verizon FIOS Bundle Deals

The first thing to consider is the Double Play category. In Verizon lingo, a Double Play combines two out of three of the three top Verizon services: Internet, TV, and voice. A Double Play usually drops the voice- it’s the most expendable service in this age of cell phones. There are several tiers of FIOS Internet and TV, but there is a significant promotion on the Double Play package for the 25/25 MB/s FIOS Internet and the Select HD TV package, which has around 30 FIOS channels in HD and video on demand software. Typically, this could cost around $110 per month, but the current promotion knocks it down to $65 a month, which is a massive savings. You can always move up to the Double Play with Internet and TV to higher end choices, as well- you can get faster Internet and more channels that way. Ask your Verizon rep to see if there are any promotions they can add to your account.

The next major savings comes from Triple Plays. Adding voice to TV and the Internet is a good idea so that you have a land line that works as a home phone number- sometimes you don’t want to give out your personal cell number. The first nice Triple Play is very similar to the Double Play package above- just add FIOS Unlimited Voice to the 25/25 FIOS Internet and the Select HD TV service. You get unlimited calls in the US and Canada, plus call waiting and other neat features. It’s $79.99 a month, so you are getting Verizon Voice for about $15 a month more than the Double Play with the current promotion.
There’s one more Triple Play combo you should know. If you move up one tier of Internet to the 50/50 FIOS Quantum connection and one level of TV service to the Preferred HD range and keep the Unlimited Voice, you can save big. That would usually run about $180, but you can get it for $99.99. That TV plan has more than 60 HD channels and 255 channels in total, and the Quantum-tier Internet is a significant improvement.

Verizon FIOS is great service, but you need to be on the lookout for deals and promos. Always call them and ask if there are any promos they can apply for you- it could mean major savings.

10 Tips to Save on Verizon FIOS

1. Bundle Your Services

This will sound like a no-brainer, but bundling your services equals big savings. Often the price of two services together is the same as one service by itself. Inquire about the triple package as well. Sometimes the price with home phone service is lower than internet and television by themselves. You should always look for Verizon FIOS coupons with bundle discounts on the Verizon website.

2. Take Advantage of Initial Price Offers

You should always receive a discounted price for being a new customer. Verizon almost always has a lower monthly rate for signing up for a new bundle. This is usually the case even if you already have one service and are adding another. Check the Verizon website and place a call to a salesperson to see who has the best deals. If you sign up online, there may be a Verizon FIOS promo code with additional offers.

3. Take Advantage of Gift Card Offers

You should look for this deal especially around holidays. In addition to initial monthly price discounts Verizon periodically offers a Visa gift card as a reward for signing up for new service. Look for a Verizon FIOS promotion code on the website, and if you time your bundle correctly, you could be the recipient of a gift card between $50 and $200. This may require you to pay your bill on time for three months to receive the gift card.

4. Watch the Add-Ons

Often the bundles will come with add-ons that are free at first and increase in price later. You will see Verizon FIOS coupons for these add-ons on the website. This is normally the case with premium channels such as HBO or STARZ. Either ask to remove these at the beginning or set your calendar to remove them before they start costing you. Also, Verizon will offer to rent you a modem, but you can purchase a modem for as little as $50. You will make a profit versus renting after one year.

5. Pick the Right TV Package

There are several tiers of television channels with Verizon Fios. You will want to make sure that you do not pay for a package with channels you do not watch. Often the difference between the packages is only a few channels. Even the lower packages have most of the mainstream channels. You may have to go up a level to get the best bundle package, but don’t pay for a level higher than you need.

6. Pick the Right Internet Package

Many people believe that the higher the internet speed, the better. It is easy to get lost in a world of MBPS. You should research the necessary speed for what you use the internet. If you are not doing a lot of streaming, you should not need the highest speed package. You may be able to save by downgrading a speed tier or two.

7. Request Free Activation

An activation fee is typically automatically added to your first bill, but often there is a Verizon FIOS promotion code for free activation on the website. If you cannot find one, you should call and ask for free activation.

8. Install the Equipment Yourself

Occasionally there will be a Verizon FIOS promo code for a free professional installation. Often, however, there will be an extra charge for a technician to come to your home and install the equipment. Installing the kit is fairly simple, and the equipment comes with detailed instructions. If you need help, there is an 800 number to call for assistance.

9. Ask for a Price Discount Renewal

After one or two years the initial price reduction will expire and your bill will increase significantly. Usually, you can call in and request a new bundle at the current new customer discount. This may require you to agree to a new one or two-year contract, but it will keep your monthly bill low. If they state that they cannot give you another monthly discount you should ask to speak to their cancellation department. They usually have the ability to re-bundle your services as a new discounted rate.

10. Ask for a Credit when Service Goes Down

It is inevitable that there will be service outages. This could be due to weather, malfunction in the lines or malfunction in the equipment. No matter the reason, these are days that you paid for a service that was unavailable to you. You should call and ask for a bill credit for those days. It may not amount to a large amount, but why should you pay for something you didn’t receive?
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AT&T U-Verse Coupons and Deals

Here are the latest and great AT&T Uverse Coupons and Deals


  1. Get $300 in Reward Cards when you move your U-verse TV on qualifying online orders

  2. U-verse Internet – Fast, reliable speeds to suit every need.

  3. $100 in reward cards with U-verse Internet

  4. U-verse Internet $30/mo for 12 mos. with term + $100 in reward cards

  5. DIRECTV Select + U-verse Internet (6Mbps) $39.99/mo for 12 mos. + $100 reward card

  6. Save more when you bundle TV & Internet

With AT&T U-verse, it is possible to bundle TV, telephone and your high speed Internet into one monthly statement! In the event you’d like to make that statement even smaller, check out our selection of 2 active AT&T U-verse coupon codes and discounts for December 2015. If you use an AT&T U-verse promo code, you can catch up with all the latest TV shows, chat with buddy and browse the internet–all for less!

AT&T U-verse has many different affordable and convenient bundle alternatives to select from. It’s possible for you to browse through their bundles that are most popular or build your own custom software! Unsure which cable, internet and mobile bundle is best for you personally? Compare and compare AT&T U-verse services to bundles from other cable companies and make the best decision for yourself.

Our Top 3 Cloud Backup Services w/ Free Trials

Backup Your Data To The Cloud


Our Top 3 Cloud Backup Services



#1 – Carbonite Click Here for a Carbonite Free Trial

  • Automatic & Continuous Cloud Backup
  • Secure Transit and Storage
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Free Apps to Sync, Share and Access
  • Easy Restore Process
  • U.S.-based Customer Support


Lifehacker: “Carbonite is one of the web’s most popular online backup services, and for good reason. The Carbonite client runs quietly in the background uploading your data to Carbonite’s servers to make sure it’s safe in case something happens to your computer. Carbonite can automatically back up documents, music, email, and other files (although it manually backs up video), and grants you access to those files and your archives on your smartphone. Carbonite supports Windows and OS X (although its Home Plus and Home Premier plans only support Windows), and make restoring your files as easy as backing them up.”

PC Magazine: “Easy guided setup. Unlimited online backup storage for one PC. Marks backed up files in File Explorer. Ultra-safe security key option. Continuous backup option. Mobile apps for file access.”

Laptop Magazine: This online backup service makes it easy to send all of your crucial files to the cloud with a single click. Many people rave about Carbonite’s online backup plans – they’ve been popular options for a very long time. My experience has been similarly positive.

TopTenReviews: Carbonite is among the best cloud backup services. Offering unlimited online backup and a user-friendly dashboard interface, it makes the task of uploading your digital data to the cloud painless.

 Carbonite Commercial/Review

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#2 – BackBlaze – 14 Day Free Trial!

  • There is no need  to pick folders and files. Easy. Secure.  Your computer is going to love it.
  • Back up an unlimited amount of data.
  • Restore by downloading anywhere or FedEx a hard drive to you.
  • Backup Everything Online For Just $5 per Month?

Reviews: Backblaze isn’t the only service of its kind (CrashPlan, for example, offers a similar online backup service) but it is one of the easiest to use. At US$5 a month for each PC (including free external hard drive backups) it’s also very reasonably priced. And the best part? Backblaze offers unlimited backup storage. There aren’t any annoying caps, pricing tiers or penalties for uploading ridiculous amounts of data. For what it’s worth, I use Backblaze for online backup at home. No, they didn’t pay me to say that or give me the service for free. See What Online Backup Service Do YOU Use, Tim? for more on that. I highly recommend that you choose Backblaze for your needs at home, too. It’s fast, easy to use, and is easy to forget about. And that’s a good thing!

PCMag: Backblaze has two very strong suits: unlimited storage per PC, and continuous backup monitoring, making it a good hands-off choice. But it lacks a lot of goodies you get in other products, such as file sharing, mobile access apps, and complementary local backup software.

 BackBlaze Video Review

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#3 JustCloud – Free Trial!

  • Free Mobile Apps
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • 100% Automated Service
  • Access Files Anywhere
  • Sync Multiple Computers
  • Share Files With Friends

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Backup Plans


What backup service do you use? Take our reader poll?

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Kaspersky Coupon Code and Promos

Kaspersky CouponsNew Kaspersky Coupons:

[coupons store=”kaspersky” limit=”10″ orderby=”date” order=”DESC”]

Computer and Internet security is a growing importance in this day in age. With just about every single device connected to the Internet now, it allows the device to access all sorts of information. Of course, it also makes it susceptible towards possible Internet based attacks as well. This is exactly why it is so important for someone to integrate security measures into their device. That is where comes into play. This website provides a wide range of security produces and devices, all of which can drastically help improve the overall level of security for the Internet based device. Of course, all of this comes down to what someone is using and how they want to protect themselves.

For starters, when first reaching the website, the main products for individual and business computes are listed on the main page. From here though, it is also possible to reach different kinds of content as well. On the bottom half of the screen there is a link for security for home based device, security for business based devices and also featured content as well. On the top of the screen there are more navigation menus. These menus provide direct access to all of the products and services available, a link directly to the store and even a downloads link. This link helps customers stay up to date with their latest content and provide them with the ability to update their purchases so it protects their equipment from the latest Internet threats.

In order to shop, the visit just needs to click on the “Store” tab found at the top of the page. This brings up a series of different software options. There are two initial options. The browser can click on either “Security for Home” or “Security for Business.” This changes the kind of service that is sold on the website. It also shows the different products available for each service and it directly compares the products. There is a grid listing of every single option someone can select from. There are usually a few dozen different comparison points, so a shopper can determine what exactly they are looking for and find the right product for their needs.

After choosing the right product, they need to select the year of their subscription. There are different subscription lengths for the Internet security features. It really comes down to how long someone wants to pay for their product upfront. It is possible to purchase a subscription for the product from anywhere ranging from one to three years. The per-year price is less expensive when selecting the three year option, although the initial price is less for the one year subscription. It really just comes down to how much the shopper wants to pay up front.

Once the selected length of the subscription is provided the individual just needs to click the “Select” button next to their desired object and the shopping cart feature is going to appear. With the shopping cart feature a “Backup Disc” is automatically included in the cart. This does cost extra, so for someone who does not want the added backup disc, they need to click the “X” next to the price tag and it removes the backup disc from the listing. They also have the ability here to add any sort of premium installation service, a premium support package or an extended download service. Of course, in order to add these they need to click the “Add” button next to the listing.

Once everything looks in order the client can begin entering in their payment information. This is initially done by typing in the billing information. The billing information is just the billing address of the credit card, the credit card money or, if they want, they can click on the “Wire Transfer” icon and then input this information should they desire. Once everything is input and they have checked off their “Auto-Renewal” terms and conditions box they can click “Next.”

No mailing address is required unless the person wanted the added backup disc on their package. After all of this has been included they can proceed to the checkout page. The checkout page is where the coupon code can go if the user has such a code. As there is no real shipping for the product (unless a backup disc is selected) most codes are not going to provide this sort of a feature. A few of the coupon codes may provide a free backup disc or a selected discount for the product (or even a free added year subscription), although it really just depends on the coupon code, which can vary from month to month. It is important to type in the most desired code though, as the website only allows one coupon code per transaction.

Dell Coupon Codes and Deals

New Dell Coupons

[coupons store=”dell” limit=”20″ orderby=”date” order=”DESC”]

Dell is one of the largest Windows based computer manufacturers in the world, so for anyone who is looking for a new computer system or wants additional accessories for what they already have, Dell is an excellent location to start. With the combination of the prices at Del and coupon codes, it is possible to save a considerable amount of money. However, it is necessary to know how to find the right product on the website and also how to land the best deal possible.

When first arriving at the website, it is rather straight forward to follow through with the content on the site. First, the main sale of the day is listed in the middle of the page, with three large windows below it. These windows lead to current Dell deals, the support staff and for Dell services. When it comes to the shopping aspect of the website, the person can click on the “For Home” or “For Work” tabs found at the top of the screen. Other tabs that are listed next to these areas of the website include a support tab and “My Account” tab. After buying something from the Dell website, it is possible to create an account that makes it easy to purchase items directly from the company and to make sure the buyer’s information is saved right in the website.

After clicking on one of the Home or Work tabs, the person is then taken to a new page. This brings up the different areas they can go shopping in, which includes accessories, new tablets, desktop and all in one computers plus laptops and ultrabooks as well. When the person selects one of these they are going to be taken further into the website and shown all of the different pieces of equipment that fits the given needs of the user.

They can scroll through the website in order to find the perfect device that fits their needs after making it to the right website page. When they click on a particular computer or other device, they might be given the opportunity to select one of the different variations of the computer system. Many of the products sold on the Dell website do come with different options that can be used to upgrade the device. Whether this is a larger hard drive, more RAM, additional accessories or power features, there are usually going to be an assortment of different features someone is able to use and find when selecting the right product for what they are looking for.

After selecting the product that they want, they have the option of adding an accidental damage service, should they want to. It is possible to add up to four years of protection to a device, should someone want. This covers all sorts of different problems a person may run into, including liquid spills on the unit, dropping the device, an electrical surge or damage to the LCD screen. No matter what the problem may be, a person is able to correct these sorts of issues and make sure it is always working well. Of course, someone does not need to purchase any of these options should they want to avoid the extended warranty service. Once they are happy with the device, they just need to click the “Add to Cart” button and the product is going to be instantly added to their shopping card.

On the next page, Dell is going to recommend specific equipment to order along with the current item. This may range from a series of computer speaks to a hard drive, bluetooth hardware or other equipment they might find desirable for their particular needs. If they want the item, they can click the “Add to Cart” option, or they just need to proceed to checkout. On the checkout page in the lower left corner, there is the “Discounts and Coupons” option found on the page. Here, someone is able to type in the set coupon code they have in order to receive the discounted price. There are all sorts of different discounts and coupon codes available to the individual, although these different codes can vary from time to time, depending on when someone wants to make the purchase. It is important to remember that someone is only able to use one coupon code at a time.

After including the coupon code and Dell accepts the code, the individual just needs to select the “Secure Checkout” button and they can type in their checkout information. If their billing and mailing information is the same they need to check off the provided box under “Billing.” They can they include everything they might need and, from there, it is possible to complete the purchase process and move on to completing their order form Dell.

Norton Coupons and Promo Codes

Norton CouponsOne of the most important aspects of computer use is Internet security. Without it systems are open to a number of viruses that not only make using a computer inconvenient, but can disable functions, steal data, and slowly infect computers. Viruses even gain knowledge of key strokes, passwords, and other information used in stealing identities. Most Internet and computer users have some type of security software installed on their computers. Software that protects user privacy seems almost a must. With new viruses and worms to infect computers, having some type of security isn’t an option anymore.

One of the most well known antivirus and protection brands is Norton Security by Symantec. Norton products are priced for basic packages, and go up in price for more premier security plans, with advanced security features. For those that love a bargain, the good news is online coupons and promotional codes offer the ability to purchase Norton Security software at a fraction of the normal cost.

Find Deals By Searching the Internet

For shoppers who have never used online coupons and codes, the process can be a little confusing at first. Using special deal coupons and codes isn’t hard. In a few easy steps, customers will not only enjoy huge savings, but will enjoy all the benefits of premier software. Most coupons and codes can be found very easily by simply doing a search on any search engine, using the keywords Norton by Symantec coupons and promotional codes. A list of search results will appear. Click on one or two to view their list of Norton coupons and codes.

Coupon Saving Tags and Buttons

The sites may have coupons separated into categories, such as by popular, unpopular, and expired coupons. The popular and unpopular are the active categories, while the expired can no longer be redeemed. While scrolling through the coupons, notice that a tag to the left of the coupon or code description quickly shows how much savings customers can expect. Some may say $55 off the regular price, while others may say $30, $20, or $10 off. Others may simply have the words sale, notating an item for sale. Read descriptions for a full understanding of the sale. Tags will also say sale, or code, indicating what type of action is needed to get the product at the advertised price. Some will simply require shoppers click on the coupon, while the tags that say code indicate shoppers need the coupon code to to get full savings.


To the right of the description two different kinds of discounts are being advertised. One will normally be in bold box, in blue, yellow, red or some other color, with the words “get deal,” while another type of coupon will simply say the type of software the sale is good for. Don’t be confused by this. The colored tag with “get deal” simply means to click on the button. No code is required for this coupon. Click on the “get deal” button, and go to the Norton Security website. Once there, notice that one product has been placed in the shopping cart at the top of the page. Click on it and go to shopping cart. Notice the savings have already been applied. All shoppers need to do is check out. No other action is required.


The other type of button to the right of the product lists the sale product, or may say get code, depending on the coupon web site. This type of promotion requires a code to purchase the product at the lower price. Simply click on the button, and a code will be revealed. A copy button will appear to the right of the code. Clicking on the copy button automatically copies the code, without having to write it down. Click on the go to, above the code, and shoppers are automatically directed to the Norton Security product page. The product from the coupon code is already in the shopping cart.

Redeeming Promotional Codes, and Applying Savings

Click on the cart and view the item in shopping cart. The product is listed at its full price because the code has not yet been applied. Apply the savings by pasting the code in the promotional code box. Shoppers will find this under the product description. After code is pasted in the promotional code box, click apply. After clicking the apply button, the discount advertised on the coupon will appear. The original price is changed, with discount. Simply click on check out, pay with a credit card, and get the advertised savings. It’s that convenient, and that easy. Norton Security codes and coupons allow shoppers the value of advanced security products, with easy, convenient savings.

Symantec Corporation makes leading security software products.Symantec began distributing Norton Security products in 2009. Norton Security offers individual, family and business security software, protecting Internet users and personal computers, laptops, and mobile devices.

Bitdefender Coupons and Promo Codes

BitDefender CouponBitdefender, which is a cutting edge antivirus software, enables new users to purchase their software for a twenty percent discount and a one month free trial for the online version of the software. This discount and free trial access are the software’s version of a coupon offer. To redeem any of these offers by Bitdefender, a customer only needs to proceed to the check out page, which will reflect the final price and the credit for the twenty percent discount. After entering their personal information and their form of payment, the transaction will be processed with the discount as noted. There is no space provided for the entering of any promotional codes.

The Bitdefender software was developed by a Romania software and program company called “Softwin”. The software was initially launched in November of 2001 and it is currently in its 18th rendition. The current 2014 version was most recently launched June 26, 2013. The software is designed to include several layers of protection as well as specifically designed performance enhancements such as the “Search Advisor”, the “Performance Optimizer” among other features.

The hallmark of the Bitdefender software are the elements which promote anti virus and anti spyware capabilities, enhanced hacking detection, reinforced personal firewall, proactive vulnerability self diagnostic scanner, heightened privacy control, easy user control, and a built in backup capability for corporate as well as home users.

The purpose for this software is to protect users against unauthorized access to a user’s network. This includes potential hacking attempts by individuals as well as more organized corporate sponsored hacking. This merchant is providing a product which is in high demand in today’s computer age. Recent news reports are replete with significant hacking attacks including the breach of sensitive studio files at SONY Universal and the continued hack attacks of various retail merchants. The degree that hacking occurs at the corporate level is not fully calculated as many of these cases are address internally and for security reasons and client confidence reasons, corporations choose not to divulge such information publicly.

The Bitdefender software is one of the more cutting edge anti virus programs which can be purchased commercially online and has been designed by the merchant to not only provide a shield against hack attacks into a user’s computer network but the program is proactive and actively scans the user’s network for vulnerabilities which would make it more open to a hack attack. This is an important feature designed into the software by the merchant. The merchant understands that the proficiency of today’s computer hackers has not only increased over the years but today’s hackers are more professional, they have more access to resources and hacking software and they are just as proficient education and knowledge wise as the individuals who are designing the programs to execute the hacking.

Another benefit of the Bitdefender software is that it can be downloaded to smart phones as well as tablet devices. With today’s computing needs becoming more and more mobile, the need for anti virus and anti hacking software to be transportable to a user’s other computing devices is essential. The comprehensive scope of the Bitdefender software enables a user to be able to feel comfortable in the knowledge that their entire computing network is being protected. Bitdefender has also designed its programs to handle the following top security threats to one’s computing network.

An increase in “industrial attacks”. Public infrastructure networks such as waterworks and nuclear energy are vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Spam messages which look like they are from legitimate retailers are actually acting as trojan horse programs.

Hacktivism is a form of online hacking where a group of individuals mutually attempt to hack a system.

Cyberwar capabilities of countries as well as larger corporations are on he rise. The threatened targets are other countries digital currencies.

Online blinking traffic lights is a virtual attempt to direct users to legitimate websites and avoid false or trojan horse programs from directing a user to a false site.
False entry points provide a users with a false portal requiring the user’s personal information and password to what the user thinks is a legitimate site. Many of these are carried via spam e-mails.

Increase threats to virtual and digital currency. Cyber hackers are increasing their resources towards these types of non fiat currencies as these forms of currencies become more popular. Recently, Bitcoin had to defend its users from a significant hack attack.

Embedded computer software in hardware devises such as cars, personal computer devices, medical and technical devices, network accessible routers, specialized digital cameras, and many other related items are vulnerable to being hacked. This provides a hacker complete access and control over the embedded hardware. An example is a vehicle’s GPS being hacked providing the hacker one’s travel information.

Vistaprint Coupons and Promo Codes

New Vistaprint CouponsHow to use Vistaprint Coupons

• In your web browser, type in the address box
• Near the top of the screen, you’ll see a purple banner stating “Promo code has been applied”. There are arrows on both sides of the banner. Click on either one of them.
• Once the arrow has been clicked, the banner will open up with more information. On the right side it will say “Have a different promo code?” with a box that you can type in. Type your promo code in the box and hit the “Apply” button.
• The promo code will now be applied to your order when you checkout

You can also apply a promo code at the end of your order while checking out –

• Select your product to purchase. Go through all of the design options to get the product the way you want it.
• Create a new account for the site. You will be asked for your info before you check out. You can also checkout as a guest if you don’t want to set up an account.
• When you get to your shopping cart showing your produce and subtotal, there will be a Promo Code box in the middle-left of the page. Type your promo code and hit the apply button, and your order will be changed to reflect the promo code.
• Continue with checkout.

Vistaprint is an online printing company that specializes in helping people and companies market themselves. Whether it’s through business cards, t-shirts, or brochures, Vistaprint will walk you through designing your desired product and producing the final product. Although they target their business towards individuals and companies looking to market themselves, Vistaprint actually offers a lot more in terms of design and production.

Along with your standard marketing items such as business cards and brochures, Vistaprint also offers digital marketing services. Whether you need a website created, a business email setup, or help with marketing on social media, Vistaprint has experts that will walk you through getting the digital exposure you need. Vistaprint will also help with email marketing and getting your business visible on local listings.

Vistaprint has physical marketing products as well. Looking for a professional looking banner and other marketing tools for your company’s next convention appearance? Vistaprint’s staff of design professionals will guide you to a design that will look professional as well as convey the message you’re looking to present. Once the design is complete, Vistaprint will create the product and ship it to you. It’s a one-stop shop from creation to completion.

Other physical marketing products offered include flyers, postcards, magnets, gift certificates, loyalty cards…..pretty much anything you can dream up. They also offer corporate gifts that can be given out to clients, such as personalized mugs, USB flash drives, calculators, even bottle openers with your brand label on it.

Vistaprint doesn’t just offer company marketing. Products for everyday use are offered as well. Looking for that perfect wedding or graduation invitation? Vistaprint will design it along with you and get the quantity you need. They’ll also provide you with stationary needed, such as return address labels or specific letterhead. Vistaprint offers a variety of products that fall outside of business marketing as well.

Create your own personalized clothing with Vistaprint. The site offers numerous clothing choices from t-shirts to hats and beyond. Create a tote bag with your company or business logo to give away to clients, or create a personalized hoodie with your own design for personal use. The sky’s the limit.

When you first visit, you will notice their design expertise just by the way the website is laid out. While there’s a lot of content on the first page for you to look at, the navigation is presented in a simplistic fashion, and finding the product you want is a snap. All of their products are laid out at the top of the page with main headings that will drill down into the sub-products for each category.
The variety of quality offered on their products is impressive as well. Designing and ordering a business card can be as simple or detailed as you want. With varying quality of card stock to choose from, different types of ink, and tons of different design templates to choose from, you can get as much quality as you want to pay for.

Vistaprint is the premier site for individuals and companies looking to market their product. With a wide range of products to choose from, an expert design team to guide you through getting your vision out there, and lower cost than a lot of similar brick-and-mortar companies, Vistaprint is easily your best bet to get professional looking marketing tools to present to clients. Promo Codes and Coupons


New Coupons

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This is a website for the selling and distribution of domestic and imported wines. The company’s physical location is head quartered in San Francisco, between the Napa and Silicon Valleys. Founded by Michael Osborn and funded through Baker Capital, has been servicing the country for 17 years. They have a very unique collection of elegant wines suitable for all occasions and a reputation for services that has made the site one of the most highly sought after for the purchase of wine online.

Promotions and Discounts:
Keeping true to this high rating of acceptance, holds a varying number of promotions and shipping savings throughout the year. In order to ensure that you are receiving the maximum benefit for your purchase, you need to follow the guidelines for their promotional offers to the wire. Several steps are involved in doing this, so it is good for you to have a clear understanding of how you can save on your order. Promotional codes for order discounts will be at the top center of the website’s home page. Be sure that your order meets the allotted amount spent enabling you to receive a discount. For example, if your order total is $100 and the amount needed to ensure you get a discount is $110, then obviously the promo code will not register, as the spent amount is not sufficient enough. Next, when you enter a promo code, please adhere to the following steps:• Enter the code you’ve been given in its proper field (a box for entering the code will show up close to the bottom of the order page, next to a button that says “update cart”).
• After clicking the “update cart” button on the order page, you should see the change in the price of your order reflect the discount immediately.
• If the price of order is not changed following the click of the “update cart” icon, then it is possible that your items do not qualify for the discount
• Be sure you know in advance, what items are restricted for certain discounts, as they will be listed with each item in the inventory.
• Only one code can be entered per order.Other Services: Hours of Operation and Site Navigation

The website operates on a Monday through Friday schedule 5Am to 6PM Pacific Time (they are closed Saturday and Sunday) and do observe the major holidays, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day and the 4th of July. Navigation of the website is very easy, as all the tools, links and navigational icons are located on the left side, of the home page. The wording is in large type, mostly black and red for easy reading.There is an 800 number for any questions you might have, and emailed concerns are welcomed from those who sign on to the website.

Prices and Shipping:
The site keeps track of what states and order is delivered and pricing can vary upon where an item is shipped. There are some states that forbid the shipping of alcoholic beverages to a residence or office, however the company does make gift baskets of gourmet cheeses, fruits and candies that can be shipped to all 50 states. Those residents living in the state of California can usually expect to receive their order within one to two business days. Other areas in the US might require three days to a week or two for delivery. Do a final review of your order before sending it out to make sure that you have just what you want and include and promotional codes that may apply and remember that wine club items must be shipped via ground methods.

Stewardship Program:
Those customers choosing to opt for stewardship through will receive the benefit of unlimited standard shipping with their order. A membership fee of $49 will enable you to enjoy this flat rate of shipping for one year, with no minimum limit to the type of items on your purchased order. However, those who choose to join the Stewardship Program please be aware that your discounts are not subject to items that are purchased in the Wine of the Month Club.

HP Coupon Codes and Deals

Hp CouponsNew HP Deals and Coupons


Hewlett-Packard, or HP, is a leading computer and tech manufacturer that sells a wide range of different products through its online site. It is possible to purchase everything from laptops and desktops all the way to monitors, printers and networking equipment. This way, everyone from a college student to a small business owner is covered. Now, when it comes to using the website, it is necessary to understand how the website works, how the purchase process runs and when a coupon code can be used.

When arriving at the website, the individual is going to find a rather clean front page. In the middle of the page is the latest product from the company and a few other items that might be desirable for someone who wishes to purchase computers or other hardware. On the left side of the screen is a shopping menu. Some of the items someone can select from includes laptops, tablets, desktops, printers, ink and toner, monitors and accessories. For other assistance that does not revolve around purchasing a product, there are links at the top of the page. This includes product support. The product support link offers troubleshooting for all of the equipment it sells and added downloads that are used to improve the functionality of the device. Sometimes a new driver is required for a printer or other device to work, which is why this is a nice feature to remember when using the software.For someone who wants to purchase an item, they need to click upon the shop HP link that is presented on the left side of the screen. From here, it is going to show the different items that are available for someone that wants to buy a particular product. If someone is shopping for a laptop, there are a few different ways to shop for the right computer. They can select the “View All” tab, or they can select a specific need. This includes laptops that are designed for easy transport, others that come with more power and some that offer a detachable screen. This take the individual towards a larger selection of all of the different laptops or products that are available. Each listing on the page does provide some highlights of the product, making it easy to compare one product to the next. Someone also has the ability to click on the product to read further into seeing which one is going to work for them or not.After someone clicks on a product they like, they can go from there and customize the laptop. With most of the hardware sold by HP online, it is always possible to upgrade the equipment and to make sure it has the very specifics needed for the computer to run properly. This includes added additional RAM, hard drive space, processing speed and other elements. Some come with the option of having a different color on the exterior of the device. They can also change most other features of the product. Once they are happy with the item though they just need to click “Add to Cart” and it is added to their shopping car.A person from here can continue on with their shopping or they may want to simply proceed to the checkout point. With the item inside of their shopping cart they just need to click the small shopping cart icon that is in the upper right corner of the screen, found right next to the search bar. This gives a general overview of what is currently in the shopping cart. On the left side of the screen, there is the coupon code option. In order to add a coupon code they just need to click the “Add” button. From here, it is possible to add any particular coupon code. The list of available coupon codes does change all the day, as these can vary from free shipping to a discount percentage off or added accessories packaged in with a product. A shopper can only select one particular coupon code when they input it into their checkout. After the coupon code has been entered in and the website accepts it, they just need to click “Checkout” to continue on with the checkout process.Now, all the person needs to do is type in their billing and mailing infuriation. If both are the same there is a small check box on the billing screen they need to check so they do not need to type in everything over again. With this information entered in, the person shopping around on the Hewlett-Packard website just needs to submit their payment information and it is going to run the credit or debit card used to pay (it is also possible to pay with PayPal). With all of this here, it is possible to complete the transaction.