About Us

“Move your money to a small bank or credit union,” was the original spirit of the MoveYourMoneyProject.org website – a somewhat grassroots movement encouraging consumers, their friends and family, and even local businesses, to support local banks and credit unions.

While MoveYourMoneyProject.org is under new ownership, we are committed to maintaining the spirit of supporting small, local banks while also helping our readers find ways of saving money, even if that means with big banks. While we might not always like it, it is sometimes a necessary “evil” to do business with the omnipotent big banks, so why not learn ways to make it a mutually beneficial relationship (think making the most of credit card points or actually using those companion airline tickets that seem to have more blackout dates than not!)? We don’t believe in the “too big to fail” mantra and so there’s no reason why the big banks can’t work for the consumers.

We also understand that, as cliché as it sounds, time actually is money so you won’t find any articles or tips on the site that require hours of additional research or effort. Who doesn’t hate all the fine print and additional disclaimers that seem to permeate business today? We want to educate and encourage our readers to make better decisions with how to spend their money and as consumers ourselves, we know that it’s easy to get overwhelmed by too many details or instructions, so the information on the site will be straightforward. We welcome reader comments and encourage readers to send in tips that work for them – we will gladly post ideas submitted by readers and even give you a shout out.

One deposit at a time, we can all make a difference – make a difference in our own financial security, a difference in our community and a difference in the economy as a whole.