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Updated 10/24/2016

Verizon FIOS Red Hot Offer!

I’ve been posting these FIOS deals for years, and this is the best one I’ve seen in quite some time. In fact this pretty much the best deal ever for FIOS triple play. I’m going to order this one myself.

Click Here and for $69.99 you get Verizon Fios 100/100 Data, TV, and Phone + STARZ included for 1 year with no annual contract. There really has never been a better deal on a 100/100 data plan and a premium channel with no contract. It expires on Nov 5th. So please grab this one if you have any desire to get FIOS.

Current Verizon FIOS Bundle Promotions:

Limited time offer  – Click Here for a limited time offer-order online and we’ll waive your setup fee ($80 value)

1. Click Here for Verizon Fios 50/50 Data and TV at $74.99/mo yr1, $89.99/mo yr2 with 2-year agreement!

2. Check out the Click Here Verizon FiOS Double Play starting at $50 per mo for the first year, then $70 for the second year. Get FIOS local, HBO and Showtime for two years.

3. Get a Click Here for FIOS starting at $79.99/mo. + FREE activation with no term agreement – sign up for a 2-year contract and also get a$400 PROMO CARD. The Triple Play includes 50/50 Mbps FiOS Internet + FIOS Select HD TV + Phone service. Also, you will receive HBO, SHOWTIME, Cinemax, STARZ, and EPIX for 12 months free.

Please note: Verizon FIOS bundles are the way to go to maximize your savings. Instead of paying separately for cable, phone, and internet, you can bundle them together at a discounted price. Verizon provides a variety of other promotions that can help you save. This includes:

FIOS Triple Play

The FIOS Triple Play local deal provides select HDTV channels, 25/25 Mbps Internet, and landline phone. The cost is $79.99 per month (plus taxes, equipment and other charges) and requires a 2-year contract. Also, you have the option of adding premium channels at 50 percent off for two years. Also, this deal gives you a $300 Visa prepaid gift card.

If Verizon FIOS is unavailable where you live, there is a FIOS Triple Play option that gives you 25/25 Mbps high-speed Internet, DirecTV, and phone for $89.99 per month plus other fees. That Verizon package requires a 2-year agreement, gives you access to 50 percent off premium channels for two years and a $300 Visa prepaid card.

FIOS Triple Play Spanish

The FIOS Triple Play Spanish package costs $144.99 per month plus other taxes and fees and delivers Ultimate HDTV, 75/75 Mbps Internet, and phone. With this package, you receive all Spanish language channels, Showtime, Cinemax, STARZ, and HBO, as well as a $400 Visa prepaid gift card.

FIOS Double Play

The FIOS Double Play local package costs $59.99 per month and does not require an annual contract. The package includes FIOS TV local, 50/50 Mbps Internet and HBO for two years. For those without FIOS availability in their area, for $64.99 per month, you receive select HDTV from DirecTV and 25/25 Mbps.

Business Bundle

For those looking to save on business connectivity, the Verizon Business Bundle is the best option. Starting at $89.99 per month in addition to taxes and fees, you receive two phone lines with 15 different calling features, high-speed Internet, a variety of business applications, on-site installation and around-the-clock support,

Additional Savings

In addition to the $300 prepaid gift card provided with FIOS Triple Play and FIOS Triple Play Spanish, there are no activation fees which saves $49.99, the ability to cancel anytime within 30 days of installation without early termination fees and you can request a certificate for a free Ellipsis 7 4G tablet or $200 off any Tablet with a 2-year data plan.

Verizon FIOS offers several ways to save with the best options through their plan bundles. Whether you are searching for a reliable television, Internet and phone company for residential use or secure phone and the Internet to operate your business, Verizon FIOS has an affordable plan that fits your specific requirements.

Verizon offers many different bundles that include FIOS Internet service. In this article, we will list a few of their best deals. It can be hard to understand all the different prices and values for the bundles simply because of how many of them there are. Many of them are similar, differing from others in only one area. However, if you know what you are looking for, then some of the bundles stand out as the best deals. Read on to learn more about what to look for in a FIOS bundle and which one is best for you.

Verizon FIOS Bundle Deals

The first thing to consider is the Double Play category. In Verizon lingo, a Double Play combines two out of three of the three top Verizon services: Internet, TV, and voice. A Double Play usually drops the voice- it’s the most expendable service in this age of cell phones. There are several tiers of FIOS Internet and TV, but there is a significant promotion on the Double Play package for the 25/25 MB/s FIOS Internet and the Select HD TV package, which has around 30 FIOS channels in HD and video on demand software. Typically, this could cost around $110 per month, but the current promotion knocks it down to $65 a month, which is a massive savings. You can always move up to the Double Play with Internet and TV to higher end choices, as well- you can get faster Internet and more channels that way. Ask your Verizon rep to see if there are any promotions they can add to your account.

The next major savings comes from Triple Plays. Adding voice to TV and the Internet is a good idea so that you have a land line that works as a home phone number- sometimes you don’t want to give out your personal cell number. The first nice Triple Play is very similar to the Double Play package above- just add FIOS Unlimited Voice to the 25/25 FIOS Internet and the Select HD TV service. You get unlimited calls in the US and Canada, plus call waiting and other neat features. It’s $79.99 a month, so you are getting Verizon Voice for about $15 a month more than the Double Play with the current promotion.
There’s one more Triple Play combo you should know. If you move up one tier of Internet to the 50/50 FIOS Quantum connection and one level of TV service to the Preferred HD range and keep the Unlimited Voice, you can save big. That would usually run about $180, but you can get it for $99.99. That TV plan has more than 60 HD channels and 255 channels in total, and the Quantum-tier Internet is a significant improvement.

Verizon FIOS is great service, but you need to be on the lookout for deals and promos. Always call them and ask if there are any promos they can apply for you- it could mean major savings.