Verizon FIOS vs ATT U-verse


When it comes to internet and t.v. usage, both Verizon FIOS promos, AND ATT U-Verse are considered by many to be next generation. They are both considered by many to be two of the best providers on the market.

Many of you might note many similarities between the two and wonder what the big deal is. Well, there is a big deal. Both are using different tactics to get clients to switch from cable to satellite. The big deal lies in which provider is going to bring them and their family the best package.

This is why we are here today. We are here to explore the different tactics both use. After we explore these tactics, it’s up to you to pick the best package and provider for you and your needs.


Verizon uses FTTP connections, it’s all laid down by fiber-optics. This takes time and money. The more you lay down, the more you pay out. It also wastes lots of unneeded time and energy.

ATT U-Verse uses copper instead. This means less time to set up. It also means less money that you have to pay out to the company.

When it comes to upgrading from FTTN to FTTP, the upgrade is made much easier. The money that is not used gets reinvested. You can then use this for any future upgrades you might have. Verizon will not offer customers this.


Verizon is one of the more expensive providers you will find. They have built their reputation on reliability, technology and the needs of the consumer. Do not expect them to offer some sort of deal for you. They do not deal in discounts. They do not deal in incentives. Verizon figures that if you want what they have to offer, you will pay for it. They have really built their brand up. They come from the mindset of “you get what you pay for with us.”

ATT U-Verse works a bit differently. U-Verse understands the changes in trends. They understand that most everyone works on a budget these days. U-Verse gets that some can;t afford the higher-end deals. They work with their clients. In fact, many times they will offer their clients special deals if they sign on.


FTTP connections take time, as we mentioned above. This makes for lots of slow and/or down time. This means you can expect the availability to not always be what you want it to be.

On the other hand, this only serves to help out U-Verse. We are not saying that you won’t have slow times with U-Verse, but the slow times will not be as bad. In fact, U-Verse has gained a small reputation for really helping customers out in this area.


This is the bread and butter of any business. It’s not different for FIOS or U-Verse.
In this category alone, both have exceeded expectations with the public. Verizon might have a few downsides, but they more than make up for it with customer service.

When these two giants came on the market, the bar was raised in a very big way. The other providers didn’t really have anything to worry about until this happened. In fact, all the increases in competition from other providers came courtesy of these two companies. This is a big win for these two.


As you can see both sides have their good points and bad points. If you are interested in just the pricing alone, U-Verse might be your more tangible resource. They might not include all the channels that you enjoy, but the prices will more than makeup for it. You have to make the choice that is best for you on this one. More channels or a lower price. You might get lucky with both, but only if you ask.

There are lots of areas where U-Verse wins out. If you really want to get the bigger picture, call up Verizon. The above sections only give a small view of what each can offer. Call each one up and talk to someone. Find out specifically what both Verizon and U-verse can offer you.

Only based on these phone calls and solid, detailed information can you make a solid conclusion on which one is the better choice. Use some of the links down below to help guide you. Good luck in your choice. We know you are going to make the best one for you and your family.

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