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BitDefender CouponBitdefender, which is a cutting edge antivirus software, enables new users to purchase their software for a twenty percent discount and a one month free trial for the online version of the software. This discount and free trial access are the software’s version of a coupon offer. To redeem any of these offers by Bitdefender, a customer only needs to proceed to the check out page, which will reflect the final price and the credit for the twenty percent discount. After entering their personal information and their form of payment, the transaction will be processed with the discount as noted. There is no space provided for the entering of any promotional codes.

The Bitdefender software was developed by a Romania software and program company called “Softwin”. The software was initially launched in November of 2001 and it is currently in its 18th rendition. The current 2014 version was most recently launched June 26, 2013. The software is designed to include several layers of protection as well as specifically designed performance enhancements such as the “Search Advisor”, the “Performance Optimizer” among other features.

The hallmark of the Bitdefender software are the elements which promote anti virus and anti spyware capabilities, enhanced hacking detection, reinforced personal firewall, proactive vulnerability self diagnostic scanner, heightened privacy control, easy user control, and a built in backup capability for corporate as well as home users.

The purpose for this software is to protect users against unauthorized access to a user’s network. This includes potential hacking attempts by individuals as well as more organized corporate sponsored hacking. This merchant is providing a product which is in high demand in today’s computer age. Recent news reports are replete with significant hacking attacks including the breach of sensitive studio files at SONY Universal and the continued hack attacks of various retail merchants. The degree that hacking occurs at the corporate level is not fully calculated as many of these cases are address internally and for security reasons and client confidence reasons, corporations choose not to divulge such information publicly.

The Bitdefender software is one of the more cutting edge anti virus programs which can be purchased commercially online and has been designed by the merchant to not only provide a shield against hack attacks into a user’s computer network but the program is proactive and actively scans the user’s network for vulnerabilities which would make it more open to a hack attack. This is an important feature designed into the software by the merchant. The merchant understands that the proficiency of today’s computer hackers has not only increased over the years but today’s hackers are more professional, they have more access to resources and hacking software and they are just as proficient education and knowledge wise as the individuals who are designing the programs to execute the hacking.

Another benefit of the Bitdefender software is that it can be downloaded to smart phones as well as tablet devices. With today’s computing needs becoming more and more mobile, the need for anti virus and anti hacking software to be transportable to a user’s other computing devices is essential. The comprehensive scope of the Bitdefender software enables a user to be able to feel comfortable in the knowledge that their entire computing network is being protected. Bitdefender has also designed its programs to handle the following top security threats to one’s computing network.

An increase in “industrial attacks”. Public infrastructure networks such as waterworks and nuclear energy are vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Spam messages which look like they are from legitimate retailers are actually acting as trojan horse programs.

Hacktivism is a form of online hacking where a group of individuals mutually attempt to hack a system.

Cyberwar capabilities of countries as well as larger corporations are on he rise. The threatened targets are other countries digital currencies.

Online blinking traffic lights is a virtual attempt to direct users to legitimate websites and avoid false or trojan horse programs from directing a user to a false site.
False entry points provide a users with a false portal requiring the user’s personal information and password to what the user thinks is a legitimate site. Many of these are carried via spam e-mails.

Increase threats to virtual and digital currency. Cyber hackers are increasing their resources towards these types of non fiat currencies as these forms of currencies become more popular. Recently, Bitcoin had to defend its users from a significant hack attack.

Embedded computer software in hardware devises such as cars, personal computer devices, medical and technical devices, network accessible routers, specialized digital cameras, and many other related items are vulnerable to being hacked. This provides a hacker complete access and control over the embedded hardware. An example is a vehicle’s GPS being hacked providing the hacker one’s travel information.

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